July 28th-31st 2016

New Venue- Factory Luxe

Located in the Historic Rainier Brewery

The STIFF Volunteer & Film Referral Program is a great way to immerse yourself in the local film community, while gaining valuable work experience. Our primary goals are to educate participants about the film and arts industries and to facilitate job placement in the field. 


All volunteers that successfully complete a semester at STIFF are eligible for our Film Referral Program, through which we help our volunteers & alumni find job opportunities. Participants are placed on a “referral list” in our database and are recommended to production companies when positions become available. Only alumni of the volunteer program are eligible for participation in the Film Referrel Program.

Structure of STIFF Internship Program:

  • Everyone begins as an OFFICE VOLUNTEER working across departments

  • Office volunteers are able to become SENIOR VOLUNTEERS, gaining in-depth experience with a particular STIFF events

  • All volunteers tracks include participation in the FILM REFERRAL PROGRAM. All positions are unpaid.

OFFICE VOLUNTEERSParticipants learn about the inner workings of the film industry and gain exposure to the local film community. Interns master basic office skills, workplace etiquette and event management. All participate in a minimum of three professional development workshops; create a personal video project and contribute to STIFF events. Volunteers receive informal feedback throughout their tenure, as well as a formal evaluation at the mid-point of the events.Office Volunteers contribute 15 hours per week, divided between:

  • Two office shifts, one from 9AM-2PM, one from 2PM-7PM

  • Assisting with STIFF programs, including staffing STIFF screenings and volunteering in a STIFF classroom

SENIOR VOLUNTEERSAfter a semester, office volunteers are invited to intern in a specific department, where they work directly with staff to enact STIFF programs.  Departments include:

  • Exhibition, Programming, Artist Services

  • Community Education

  • Development, Marketing, Graphic Design and Fundraising

Senior interns are expected to work 15-20 hours per week. All STIFF volunteers are unpaid and are not production internships.