STIFF 2014 Award Winners

By admin, May 31, 2014


Best Narrative Feature


Directed by Lydia Hyslop
Runtime 77 min

Ada is the girl next door—who sells pot.  When a vote to legalize marijuana passes, she finds her unusual and illegal profession in jeopardy. Ignoring her brother’s plea to get a “real job,” Ada and her party girl roommate turn to “fooking” to pay the rent. Welcome to Ada’s quarter-life crisis.


Best Documentary Feature

Sons of Africa

Directed by James Becket

Runtime 58 min

Uganda's Idi Amin and Tanzania's Julius Nyerere were bitter enemies who went to war in 1978. Today, the dictator Amin is reviled as the 'Butcher of Uganda', while the socialist Nyerere is revered as the ‘Founding Father of Tanzania.’ Their two sons attempt to climb Kilimanjaro on a journey of peace and reconciliation. Will they reconcile and reach the summit?



Best Documentary Short

SixNineteen - a Short Documentary

Directed by Brian Nunes

runtime 27 min

Does urban progress mean the end of the urban artist? In the case of the 619 Western Avenue building, it did. In 1981 artists living and working in the heart of Seattle discovered the perfect art building: an abandoned warehouse with neglectful owners. For years it was their safe haven, but the party was never meant to last.



Best Narrative Short

The Bond

Directed by Bryan Campbell 
Runtime 27 min

An unemployed web programmer fights to save his marriage after a risky investment in Iraqi dinar.



Audience Award

Junk Bonds: The Return of


Directed by Stephen Lange
Runtime 97 min

In this satire of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series, we follow Junkbucket and his found family of phallic cannibals as they terrorize Lake Pakajanomo, Washington.



Best Student Film


Directed by Nicodemus Montex
Runtime 7 min

Amidst a family Easter celebration, an estranged, whore daughter, and a high functioning alcoholic father rekindle their lost relationship over a drinking contest.




Best Experimental Film


Runtime 9:01, Seattle WA

Directed by Joana Stillwell

Fascinated with Cumulonimbus, a dense, anvil shaped storm cloud with a dark base and towering fluffy masses. Stillwell chews pieces of gum and then adds them to a photo of a cumulonimbus cloud. We hear the chewing and smacking, then watch as she meticulously places each sculpted piece of gum. Creating a sexualized, ritualistic action, using every-day materials to mimic the natural  world.



Best Web Series

Chop Socky Boom

Directed By Darlene Sellers & Heath Ward
Runtime 8 min

Misfit Seattle actors are cast in the action kung fu show, "Final Zodiac Warrior.” Portraying the signs of Rat, Pig, Rabbit and Dragon, our heroes traverse the challenges of the indie film making process, all the while doing battle with their own personal demons.




Best Animated Film

Hanging by a Thread

Directed by Catya Plate

runtime 10 min

It’s the future, and humanity appears to be but a memory, existing only
in scattered pieces. That is until a pillow’s needlepoint rendering of
three individuals, known as the Clothespin Freaks, finds the spark of
life and surfaces to fulfill their destinies, hinted at by their names.




Indepenetration Award

The Foot Job

DIrected by Brian Pracht

runtime 7 min

A masseuse gives her client the massage of his life.


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