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By admin, October 10, 2013

Last night at the STIFF 2014 Red Carpet Party we announced that we are re-focusing the festival in 2015 to emphize Transmedia projects. Right now we are really focused on putting on a great 2014 festival but I wanted to take a minute to discuss why we are making the change.

Transmedia means using more than one platform to tell a story. The platforms we are most interested in are Feature Films, Short Films, Web Series, Video Games, Role Playing (on websites, social media, interviews) & online and offline comic books/graphic novels and we are very open to seeing what other platforms become available.

We still intend to show traditional short and feature films but we will be giving priority to Transmedia projects.

The reason so many people are talking about Transmedia lately is because it is a very real and effecient way to build an audience that, if done honestly and effectively, that audience will still be around to support a more commercial project. Create a web series to introduce your characters, use role playing to keep people interested then use that fan base to fund a kickstarter and/or pay to access the feature film.

As a film festival we have always been interested in helping filmmakers find an audience and in 2015 STIFF is going to be the place to see how filmmakers are using Transmedia to remain independent and find success doing what they love.


Timothy Vernor

Festival Director


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