2015 Films & Transmedia Projects




Directed by Saman Hosseinpuor

A boy is watching a soccer game on TV and gets so excited he forgets he’s in the middle of a haircut. Oops! 

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30 Day Art Challenge



Directed by Shaun Hamilton


Take an inside look at the 14th annual 30 Day Art Challenge in Seattle, Washington. It aims to discover what it takes to complete 30 new works of art in exactly 30 days.

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Alien Communications (V2)


Kris and Kurtis Theorin

Sometimes communicating with the opposite sex can be as alien as communicating with well... an alien. This slightly sci-fi short film is a touching coming of age story that the awkward in all of us can relate to.

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Angry Asian Girl vs. Bully



Directed by Deborah Tahara

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Monday, May 4th, 8:00 PM   Grand Illusion Theater

Directed by Phillip & Kevin Harvey

A father must choose between medicine or myth in order to save his terminally ill daughter.

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Around the World in 80 Days

Saturday, May 2nd 2:00 PM   Jet City Theater

Directed by Nick Trivundza and Lexie Findarle

The brash, young Jules Verne Jr. has just decided to go around the world in 80 days in order to live up to the books, and their legacy, that have made his name world famous. 

Note- This also plays with Cartoons & Bloody Mary's on Saturday May 9th, 2pm Lucid Lounge


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The Art of Walking Barefoot

Thursdayy, May 7th, 6:00 PM   LUCID Lounge

Directed by Matthew Cline

The Art of Walking Barefoot is an emotional journey of three children in Thailand finding their way to a better life from living on the street, slums and deeply broken relationships. Follow these children as they walk barefoot in spirit, mind and body through lives most can not imagine.

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Ayron Jones Improv Jam

Thursday May 7th, 6pm   LUCID Lounge

A Musical Convergence of Jazz, Rap & Rock

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Tuesday, May 5th, 10:00 PM   Lucid Lounge

Directed by Taylor Grigsby

Seattle muralist Ryan "Henry" Ward leads a cadre of visual artists creating live art during the 2014 SASQUATCH! Music Festival. What follows is a look at the northwest street art scene and an exploration of what it takes to make dreams into reality.

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May 1st-9th Noon-8pm   STIFF Transmedia Gallery

Created by Oscar Raby

Assent is an immersive documentary developed in the Unity game engine for the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset.

When the military took control of Chile in the coup of September 1973, it was the culmination of Cold War tensions, international political influence and internal conflict. For Army personnel, it was an event that marked their lives.


This autobiographical immersive documentary puts the user in the footsteps of my father, who in 1973 was a 22-year-old army officer stationed in the north of Chile, on the day when the Caravan of Death came to his regiment. Assent invites the user to witness that day through my father’s eyes, and mine.

Aspie Seeks Love

Tuesday, May 5th, 8:00 PM   Grand Illusion Cinema

Directed by Julie Sokolow

ASPIE SEEKS LOVE follows a fearless outsider who has been searching for love longer than many of us have been alive. David Matthews has spent the past twenty years posting personal ad fliers to telephone poles seeking love. He wasn’t diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome until age forty-one, at which point his entire life changed, including his strategy for winning love and achieving his artistic dreams.

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Asteroid Park - Space Suit Man


Saturday, May 3, 2014 8:00 PM   LUCID Lounge

Antony Degenero


Transmission... I have crash landed in a swamp on the planet and have been captured. I am being assimilated and interrogated. I overheard from my containment cell that the controllers are planning to put me on public display and use my knowledge for their benefit. Please help me... please help us all. 

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Baby Steps


Wednesday May 6th, 8:00PM   Jet City Theater

Directed by Ty Huffer

Two estranged friends meet in hopes of resolving their differences. The setting is an immaculate spaghetti dinner with no detail was spared, including the rarest of cheeses.  

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Bear Story


Wednesday, May 6th, 10:00 PM   Lucid Lounge

Directed by J. Rick Castaneda

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Beetles in Boxes (Käfer in Schachteln)


Saturday May 9th, 2pm   Lucid Lounge

Directed by Wojtek Skowron

A visual interpretation of a part of Wittgenstein's 'private language argument'.

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The Black Sea

Sunday, May 3rd, 8:00 PM   Grand Illusion Theater

Directed by Brian Padian

A dark meditation on friendship, marriage and death, "the black sea" concerns 5 friends at a beach house on the Oregon Coast and what happens before and after one of them disappears. Shot on Super 16.

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Blood, Sweat, and Beer

Friday May 8th, 6:00 PM   Grand Illusion Cinema

Alexis Irvin/Chip Hiden

A documentary about the explosive growth of the craft beer industry and the dramatic journeys of two start-up breweries. The film follows a trio of 23-year-olds as they struggle to start a brewery and revitalize the once-prosperous steel town, Braddock, PA. The film also follows Danny Robinson, a boardwalk brewery who faces an aggressive lawsuit that could bankrupt him.

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Bloody Boxes


Wednesday, May 6th,8:00 PM   Jet City Theater

Directed by Kelly Broich

Feminine dreams of escape are not always rainbows and flying horses... this harsh desert landscape and bleak confinement erupts in a frenzy of bloody destruction.

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Sunday, May 3rd, 4:00 PM   Grand Illusion Cinema

Directed by John Kirkscey

Two Memphis jookers (urban street dancers) and two ballet dancers fuse their distinct dance styles to a soundtrack that mixes hip-hop beats and cello at a famous Memphis juke joint

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Break in Reality


Tuesday, May 5th 6:00 PM   Lucid Lounge

Directed by D.K. Johnston

Break in Reality is a Dark Comedy about a man who bottles all of his negative emotions and hateful feelings deep inside his subconscious. Never expressing any of his true feelings, or allowing himself to deviate from the social norms of corporate society. His only escape is his own imagination. The problem is you can’t always keep those feelings buried forever.

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Bristel Goodman



Friday, May 1st 6:00 PM   Grand Illusion Cinema

Directed by Dan Harnden

A viral video that sparked one of the world’s longest running Alternate Reality Games, Bristel Goodman has emerged as a uniquely stylish thriller.

Eddie Dees is a traumatized Iraq War veteran who meets the girl of his dreams in an Internet chat room. Through a series of webcam exchanges their relationship grows… until the night he witnesses her murder online.

Bristel Goodman speaks a unique cinematic language and mastering it has been a journey. But here, at last, is the realization of a project that began as a viral video, exists as an alternate reality game, and has emerged as a feature film. Bristel Goodman is trans-media cinema.

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Bubble Bubble Meows and the Meteor Stomachache

Saturday, May 2nd, 6:00 PM   Grand Illusion Cinema

Directed by Matthew Orefice

Being the adventures of a poorly drawn, fictional cat (Bubble Bubble Meows), a string bean, and some marshmallow robots as they search for a cure to accidental meteor ingestion.

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Monday, May 4th, 8:00 PM   Lucid Lounge

Directed by Adam D'Arpino

Bummertown follows a piano-playing introvert named Darin as he attempts to navigate the online dating landscape, and make sense of the non-stop non-advice being doled out by his friends and family prior to a big night out.

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Saturday May 9th, 2:00PM   Lucid Lounge

Directed by Marc Russo

Technology moves faster than light. It affords us opportunities to experience life in a new way. But while it opens doors for us it can also close them. Is it possible that we are losing more and we are gaining? Is it possible that tomorrow we won't even remember what we have lost?
When you search long and hard for that one thing, do you ever know what you are ever really going to find. And are you prepared to know what you find inside yourself.

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Thursday May 7th, 10pm   Grand Illusion Theater

Directed by Sean Dunne

Cam Girlz is a documentary film that enters the world of internet sex workers who find economic freedom, empowerment, intimacy and creative self expression from the comfort of their own homes.

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Cat Power


Tuesday May 5th, 8:00PM   Jet City Theater

Directed by Alan Fulle

A dance film about power, lust and beauty

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Chapel of Rest

Saturday, May 2nd, 2:00 PM   Jet City Theater

Directed by Ben Mercer

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Monday, May 4th, 6:00 PM   Lucid lounge

Directed by Heather Adkins

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Christiania - 40 Years of Occupation

Saturday, May 9th, 4:00 PM   Grand Illusion Theater

Directed by Richard Jackman & Robert Lawson

In 1971 hundreds of young people occupied 85 acres of buildings, woods and ramparts of an abandoned military base in the center of Copenhagen, Denmark. Finding it politically unpopular to evict the young settlers, the Danish government declared Christiania a "short-term social experiment". Over forty years later, Christiania is the oldest still existing squat in Europe. How did that happen?

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Thursday, May 7th, 6:00 PM   Grand Illusion Cinema

Directed by John Klein

Chrysalis is a post-apocalyptic horror film set decades after a biological terrorist attack unleashes a virus upon the world, transforming much of humanity into vicious creatures and laying waste to civilization. Josh and Penelope are two nomadic survivors who have banded together in the hope of rescuing others. When they encounter Abira, the lone survivor of another group, their worlds and goals are irrevocably altered, and they must face new, terrifying challenges if they are to survive.

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Class Dismissed


Saturday, May 2nd, 2:00 PM   Jet City Theater

Directed by Sammy Applegate

A young boy builds up the courage to ask his dream girl to the dance.

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Coney Island: Dreams for Sale

Saturday May 2nd, 6:00PM Grand Illusion  

Directed by Alessandra Giordano

Coney Island, the once magnificent "Playground of the World" has survived many battles, but now faces its greatest enemy: corporate greed. The plot thickens as a roller coaster of political back-room deals unfolds, and a community of amusement and business owners find themselves caught in the middle of it all. This modern day David and Goliath tale chronicles the courage and determination of a community to preserve the spirit and authenticity of a legendary American Icon and an entire way of life in the face of “Big Money” and ruthless real estate development.

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Cougar Mountin'


Wednesday, May 6th, 8:00 PM   Jet City Theater

Directed Anne Hartner

Two young, but very legal, hikers explore the wilds of Washington's Cougar Mountain. Silver-Tongued Sally narrates this coming of age documentary.

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Cultivator of the Way

Monday, May 4th, 6:00 PM   Lucid Lounge

Directed by Rheanna Toy

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The Curator

Tuesday, May 5th, 10:00 PM   Lucid Lounge

Directed by Ryan Girard

Three small time thief’s discover an unimaginable opportunity to pull of their biggest crime yet. But is it too good to be true.

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Dark Darkness Season Zero Episode 02 "Mordecai's Masquerade"

Monday, May 4th, 8:00 PM   Lucid Lounge

Directed by Wilson Large

E“Revenge of the Nerds” meets “Army of Darkness”.
Four misfits meet at a Darkness convention and must learn to be friends in order to survive.
Mordecai, one of four main protagonists in Dark Darkness, is a Dread Vampire Wizard who is hiding, disguised as Jesus. Trouble draws in around him like the darkness on a dying candle. Will Mordecai avoid detection?

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dark is a different beast

Monday, May 4th, 6:00 PM   Lucid Lounge

Directed by Andrea Hart

JAfter both their lives go up in smoke, a Woman and Man reunite to see if love can exist in a post-catastrophe wasteland. But sorting through the layers of experience that separate them gets continually interrupted by the persistent drone of deceptively innocent World Powers. In a world intent on promoting destruction, what does it take to find true connection?

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Date Stories


Tuesday, May 5th, 6:00 PM   Grand Illusion Cinema

Directed by Heather Pilder Olson

First dates can go terribly wrong. Sometimes it takes lifetimes to finally get things right. Date Stories is a short film about two people meeting for their first date, over and over again, in 1924, 1945, 1969, 1987, and 2014. Will they finally figure out how to make it work? Watch and find out! Brian Sutherland and Carollani Sandberg star in this tale of romance, reincarnation, and redemption.

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Sunday May 3rd, 6pm   Grand Illusion Cinema

Directed by Doug Stapleton

When an ambitious young woman finds herself working late into the night in order to finish a last minute business proposal, she quickly finds that meeting her deadline is the least of her worries.

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Do You Wanna Meet IRL?


Monday May 3rd, 10PM   Lucid Lounge

Directed by Jason Daniel

When two online friends decide to meet in person, will real life make them think twice?


Dude York - Cannibal


Wednesday May 6th, 6:00PM   Jet City Theater

Directed by Jacob Rosen

Indie trio Dude York invade the living room of a cramped apartment

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Duende: Suit of Lights

Wednesday May 6th, 6:00PM   Grand Illusion Cinema

Directed by Jeff Rowles

A dead matador in limbo is guided by three rodeo clowns. Their rivals, three dark sirens, are in pursuit. As these forces array themselves for battle, they are disrupted by a lawman bent on harnessing their power. All parties converge in a final showdown with the fate of souls in the balance. 

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Dynamic Venus

Saturday May 9th, 2pm   Lucid Lounge

Directed by Kaichi Sato

Natural disasters and monsters are destroying Japan !
Fortunately Dynamic Venus, a superhero unlike any others, is nearby. 

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Elgin Park


Sunday May 3rd, 9:00PM   Lucid Lounge

Directed by Danny Yourd

Elgin Park is a lot of things: a 1950’s utopia, a fantastical world, and an optical illusion. Artist Michael Paul Smith’s imaginative town – composed entirely of miniatures – delighted audiences worldwide when his photo series went viral. For the first time, the documentary Elgin Park dives into the life of this charming, reclusive artist to reveal the dark inspiration behind his work.

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Eternal Ends - A Tiny Film Anthology

Saturday May 9yh, 2pm   Lucid Lounge

Directed by Eric Tortora Pato & Rowan Hisayo Buchanan

Eternal Ends is a micro-film anthology of 4 animated tiny films. The segments – Young, Parentheses, Native, and Twice – are little stories in tight spaces exploring everything from punctuation to rainbow guns, all packed into 3 minutes of film.

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Fake it 'til you make believe


Thursday May 7th, 10pm   Lucid Lounge

Directed by Kris Crews

A voyeuristic vignette spotlighting the puppetry of Tacoma-based artist, Jeremy Gregory & the elaborate world that he has created. Featuring the music of Geoff Weeg (Off Model).

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The Fallen Phoenix


Saturday May 9th, 2pm   Lucid Lounge

Directed by Gwen Barriac & Heather Larkin

The Fallen Phoenix' is the story of an established composer who struggles to write a masterpiece that pleases both himself and his sponsor. Ultimately, he realizes he has to choose between staying true to his art and pleasing those around him.
The fable of the Phoenix is used as a framework for the story. Though the Phoenix may fall in flames, his music lives on triumphantly!

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Tuesday, May 5th, 8:00 PM   Jet City Theater

Directed by Danièle Wilmouth

FANFARE for MARCHING BAND follows the antics of a ragtag musical militia, as they embark on an inept invasion through a parallel universe where their exuberant music is unheard. Reflecting lean economic times, this music and dance film features the circus punk marching band Mucca Pazza, who stage musical ACTIONS for JOY at inappropriate locations around the city of Chicago.

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Find Your Way

Sunday, May 3rd, 4:00 PM   Grand Illusion Theater

Directed by Brian Nunes

In this raw and heart-felt documentary, one busker turned filmmaker takes us inside the world of street musicians.

Filmed over the course of three years, five talented artists bare all as they cope with 'making it' in a society driven relentlessly by the allure of fame. While some dream of more, others are resigned to life on the street - and even embrace it.

Featuring 90's rocker Chris Ballew of the Presidents of the U.S.A. and violin virtuoso Joshua Bell, this hour and a half journey will make you think twice about who you're passing on the street.

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Flat Graft

Monday, May 4th, 6:00 PM  

Directed by James Ryan Dinneen

Saz, a graffiti artist who never takes off his gas mask, searches for companionship in the strange back alleys and meat sections of his city. In a wild and tangled series of entrances and exits, Saz learns about loneliness with characters just as odd and confused as he is.

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Tuesday May 5th, 6pm   Jet City Theater

Directed by Chad Costen

GAIA, the spirit of the Earth, possesses an advanced humanoid robot that wanders in search of a misanthropic Televison journalist named Jacob. A cat-and-mouse game ensues as GAIA begins to eliminate the human problem and Jacob realizes that he is the only soul that can save the human race. The question is... Should he?

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Generation Loss

Saturday May 2nd, 4PM   Jet City Theater

Directed by R.A. Johnson & Eric Hahn

After taking a mysterious pill, a burnt-out broker derails against the alienating backdrop of New York City.

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Girl Parts


Wednesday, May 6th, 8:00 PM   Jet City Theater

Directed by Kelly Broich

Taking the selfie-obsessed banality and integrating the female fetish fantasy, GIRL PARTS explores the absurdity of the ogled over, yet mundane, features of the human body which evoke such enormous hormonal energy and uncontrollable disastrous rage.

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Monday, May 4th, 8:00 PM   Jet City Improv

Directed by Ed Fletcher

A modern twist on a storybook classic, Goldie is a dramatic short about a young woman trying find her way after making a big life change. Goldie was shot in 48-hours as part of the Sacramento International Film Festival. This version received additional editing.

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Ground London


Monday May 4th, 6pm   Lucid Lounge

Directed by Dustin Morrow

This experimental documentary explores the British capital at the intersections of urban-, cultural-, and psycho-geography. Its employment of a specific point-of-view, locked in photography that never gets more than three inches off the ground, along with heavy manipulation of both sound and image, exposes a London seldom examined: a city that moves poetically when observed
slowly and in minute detail. 

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Monday May 4th, 10pm   Lucid Lounge

Directed by Kris & Kurtis Theorin

Our film GUMBALL was written, produced, shot and edited by three brothers from Landenberg, PA. GUMBALL looks at what a place can mean to different people as it follows one night in the life of a young woman who breaks into a diner after hours only to find the remains of a love story.

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Happy Halloween, Christmas Whore

Monday May 4th, 8pm   Jet City Improv

Directed by Jacob Gillman & Matthew Diebler

Salty teenager Polly and her one-legged lesbian sidekick Annika are obsessed with the neighborhood’s unimpressible year-round Christmas-themed prostitute. Desperate for the ultra-cool whore’s approval, Polly invites her over for a rock of Halloween crack. But the only drug they can find is coke! Will Polly and Annika be able to cook the coke to crack before their esteemed guest arrives?

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The Homecoming (El Regreso)

Saturday May 9th, 2pm   Lucid Lounge

Directed by Nadia Islas

Tienlu survives alone in a bleak and empty world , where he only knows hunger and cold, but dreams of beautiful things, visions of the myths of his ancestors.

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House of Glass

Tuesday May 5th, 6pm   Jet City Theater

Directed by dQniel Kaufman

House of Glass is a modern drama/action webseries with characters based on Greek Myth. 

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How to Become an Outlaw


Saturday May 2nd, 10PM   Lucid Lounge

Directors- Alex Ferrari, Hiro Mural, Stephan Spak-Fleet

A contemporary comic tale of how 64 year-old Emmett Deemus, a motorcycle parking enforcement officer for 40 years, became an Outlaw Biker sworn, “…to protect Road Pilgrims from Injustices, fight The Man, and make some news”, despite his relatives, a lawyer, his doctor, and a religious fanatic (Edie McClurg). With a tip of the hat to Don Quixote.  

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I, Charon


Friday May 8th, 8pm   Lucid Lounge

Directed by Phillip Harvey

John Michael doesn't have many friends, let alone a girlfriend, but a door-to-door salesman called D.R. Hobbs opens a new door to love, if Charon, (or is it Sharon?) can get through an awkward family dinner.

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I Need My Monster


Saturday May 2nd, 2PM   Jet City Theater

Directed by Stephen Baker

Created by the class of 2014 at the prestigious University of Colorado’s Digital Animation Center, this animated short film, based on Flashlight Press’ children’s book written by Amanda Noll and illustrated by Howard McWilliam is the perfect balance of giggles and shivers will keep you under your covers, and you’ll soon be sleeping soundly. 

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I Wasn't Me

Wednesday May 6th, 10PM   Lucid Lounge

Directed by Stephen Ohl

I Wasn't Me is a POV short film about one man's struggle to remember his tragic night of intoxication. Waking up naked in a park to a terrible feeling of regret, he pieces together his night, which centers around a love interest.

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Impact, a boxer's story

Saturday May 2nd, 6pm   Lucid Lounge

Directed by Keith Rivers

A tragic incident stalled Malagamali’I D’hue’s career in boxing. Impact follows the story of one man’s fight to persevere, and the strength we find in our idols.  

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In Search of the Miraculous

Monday May 4th, 6pm   Lucid Lounge

Directed by Sam Kuhn

An ironic homage to the enigmatic Dutch artist Bas Jan Ader, 'In Search of the Miraculous' follows a protagonist seduced by oblivion. As a budding romance fails to blossom, the protagonist makes attempts to escape meanwhile the very architecture of film collapses around him into a saccharine abyss.

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In Struggle

Thursday May 7th, 8:00pm   Grand Illusion Theater

Directed by Kevin Owyang

A look inside the values and beliefs that transformed Asian Americans in their fight for social justice for all. This film was commissioned by the Wing Luke Museum, a Smithsonian Affiliate, in connection with their exhibit on Asian American Acts of Resistance..

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Saturday May 2nd, 2PM   Jet City Theater

Directed by Alexandra Madera

A short movement duet between a mattress and a woman as a metaphor for end - of - relationship dynamics and the process of letting go when a partnership is unilaterally ended. 

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Into the Dark


Directed by Lukas Hassel

Two men, strapped in back to back, on a journey from Moon to Earth. Real Justice. Just Reality.

Ivory Drive - In Dark


Wednesday May 6th, 6:00PM   Jet City Theater

Directed by Van Wampler

When toys are no longer enough, a restless eight year old girl takes a box of matches and wanders into the woods. She may only be as wild as the wolves that watch her, but she carries a tool more destructive than teeth and claws.

Jonathan Goes Bowling

Tuesday May 5th, 8:00PM   Grand Illusion Theater

Directed by Philip DeRise

After being hit by a drunk driver, and left with no short term memory, Jonathan struggles to regain an independent and social life.

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Judas Goat Ep 1 Hungry

Monday May 4th, 8pm   Lucid lounge

Directed by Pavel Shepan

Lisa has been following Mike long enough. She knows the nature of his task all too well - now the time has come...

When the two meet, their paths twist and tangle, spiraling together towards a violent end.

A mini-series delving into the darker side of urban myth - a world of monsters through the eyes of their servants.

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Kairos - That Which Does Not


Wednesday May 6th, 6:00PM   Jet City Improv

Directed by Jacob Rosen

Imagination is running wild, apocalypse is possibly fictitious The reckless living that is existing, I'm too afraid to try 

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Kenbe Fem


Thursday, May 7th, 6:00 PM   Lucid Lounge

Produced by the Production Foundry

Haitians helping Haitians. David Pierre-Louis journey back to Haiti from Seattle, in search for his mother in Port-au-Prince, and his reconnection with the people and non-stop efforts to enable recovery, reconstruction and change.

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Friday May 8th, 8pm   Lucid Lounge

Directed by Ali Akbarzadeh

Killswitch is about the battle for control over the Internet. Lawrence Lessig, Tim Wu and Peter Ludlow frame the story of two young hactivists, Aaron Swartz & Edward Snowden, who symbolize the disruptive and dynamic nature of the Internet.

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Saturday May 2nd, 4PM   Jet City Theater

Directed by Andrew Finnigan

Billions of people have vanished and economies have collapsed. John, once a family man, now alone, survives in the woods while heading north to reach a post-human place called Faraday.

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Last of our Kind

Monday May 4th 6:00PM   Lucid Lounge

Directed by Reed O'Beirne

Weaving together film, music and poetry, Last of Our Kind transforms the memory of a lost love into a ritualistic incantation of longing. Action is exaggerated and time seems to blur, as the lovers’ tale unfolds poetically into a modern interpretation of the Persephone myth.

Shot entirely on super-8, the movie traces a poem, line by line, throughout the city of Seattle in sequences of time-lapse photography blended with live-action that collapse and rearrange time and events into memories. Shot as a silent film, Last of Our Kind features an original soundtrack created by Robin Guthrie (co-founder of the band Cocteau Twins) interwoven with a voiceover recitation of Rick Linville’s poem.

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Latent Territory


Tuesday May 5th, 8:00PM   Jet City Theater

Directed by Bill Hill

Latent Territory is driven through a metaphorical representation of an oyster and its shell. It explores the hardened exterior facades that we build to protect the more vulnerable inner parts of being. This piece use the shell of a hotel to signify the longing that can be locked away, but visited.

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A Life Imagined


Saturday May 2nd, 8:00PM   Grand Illusion Theater

Directed by Amy Obarski

A Life Imagined provides a look into the life of Frances Michalek. She is a woman, mother, and a caregiver who suffers from acute Alzheimer's disease. The poetic short seeks to explore the quality of a person's life, and how age affects us and our perceptions of the past.

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Monday May 4th, 10pm   Lucid Lounge

Directed by Kaichi Sato

The lover of an inoperably ill man hears talk of a cure only found in the garret of a bar deep in the slums. She takes him to that room, where a figure awaits, and a strange rain falls, showering down on sensuality and the poisonous love of the couple.

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Saturday May 2nd, 4PM   Grand Illusion Theater

Directed by Khalil Sullins

LISTENING is a psychological thriller about penniless grad students who risk everything to invent mind-reading technology, which opens a Pandora’s box of danger that destroys their lives. When the telepathy technology falls into the wrong hands, friends are forced against each other in a battle over the privacy of our minds and the future of human free will itself.

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Local Treasure

Friday May 8th, 6:00 PM   Lucid Lounge

Directed by Christy X

The Seahurst Restoration Project is the largest beach restoration project in the Puget Sound area. Local Treasure showcases the environmental benefits of this unique eco-project that took over ten years in the making.

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Lost Conquest

Monday, May 4th, 6:00 PM   Grand Illusion Theater

Directed by Mike Sholtz

Welcome to Minnesota, where people believe that Vikings secretly invaded their state a thousand years ago. But does it matter if we get history right? Or is it more fun to believe a good story? LOST CONQUEST is the motion picture event of 1000 A.D.

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The Magic Ferret

Saturday May 2nd, 2PM   Jet City Theater

Directed by Alison Parker

Sam is an adorable six year-old orphan with a pet ferret named Booger. An aspiring magician - Booger being his assistant - he attempts to impress the latest prospective parents, The Parker's, with some magic. When his most amazing trick flops, he is deflated but not defeated and along with Booger's help, conjures up a different kind of heartwarming magic.

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Make Me Look Good


Wednesday May 6th, 6:00PM   Jet City Theater

Directed by Ryder White

Mary Nell is a struggling actress in New York City. As she fights against the realities of her living situation, her big break is right around the corner. But when the offer finally comes, Mary finds that she has an unexpected adversary who is manipulating her communications to ensure her failure.

A Man's Life as it Should Be

Saturday May 9th, 2pm   LUCID Lounge

DIrected by Wojtek Skowron

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Manic Pixie Dream Wife

Tuesday May 5th, 6pm   Jet City Theater

Directed by Manic Pixie Dream Wife

Chance married his manic pixie dream girl, but all is not rosy for these newlyweds. Simone seemed effervescent, carefree, and quirky once, but now her delightful ideas are setting delightful fires to their house. Desperate, Chance turns to the internet for advice – but as his story unfolds, we start to see things from a whole new perspective – the manic pixie’s.

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Melancholic Park

Wednesday May 6th, 6:00PM   Jet City Theater

Directed by Kai Waker

A mystical narrator makes a ruthless and sarcastic invitation to all people to calm down from their hectic life in the ephemeral park to sleep and embody all their unrealized dreams, desires and ambitions.

Mend and Make Do

Saturday May 9th, 2pm   LUCID Lounge

Directed by Bexie Bush

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A Method

Wednesday May 6th, 8:00PM   LUCID Lounge

Directed by Paul von Stoetzel

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Metropolitan Triangle Garden


May 1st - 9th Noon-8pm   STIFF Transmedia Gallery

Created by Rui Hu

In this experimental 3D animation, Classical sculptures in the museum participate in a destructive performance triggered by software glitches, distortions, and misused simulation, turning the space into a madhouse theater with both classical beauty and digital chaos. It attempts to connect the sense of space, history, turmoil, and transformation to the idea of technological sublime in a twisted way.

Mirror & Missal: Part 1 - The Magical Women of Echo Park

Wednesday May 6th, 6:00 PM   LUCID Lounge

Directed by Emett Casey

The full moon has been stolen from the sky. The power hungry Francesca wishes to transfer the moon’s essence to herself. But when a new kid, Abe, wanders into the bohemian town of Echo Park, plans go astray. Francesca and the young, reclusive writer Mike fall in love with Abe, leading everyone further into the bizarre world of Mirror & Missal.

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Mr. McBob


Saturday May 2nd, 2PM   Jet City Theater

Directed by Pierre Schantz

For years, school had been anything but exciting for 9 year old Pierre. It was always the same boring routine. Until one day, his fourth grade teacher took a break from the traditional schoolwork. Mr. McBob showed the class something different, something creative, something, “Outside the box,” which sparked Pierre’s interest and ultimately changed his life.

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My Friends are Talented episode Brought Back to Life


John Jenkins-Stark

The documentary series in which Brought Back To Life is a part of is about exposing the extraordinary talents of those I choose to surround myself with. Most of which will deny they have talent to begin with. I love getting the subject to acknowledge their talent, regardless of scale, and feel a sense of pride and ownership in it.

My Life



Kyle Wavra

"My Life" is a loose adaptation of Jean-Luc Godard’s Vivre Sa Vie (1964). Anna seeks balance between personal and professional concerns as she navigates a budding career as a local actor. “My Life” was shot entirely by full time students during the course of a school quarter for my THTR 470 (Directing II) class at Western Washington University.

Mystic Coffee


Jeff Leisawitz

What happens when a stressed out barista finds a magic ring in her tip jar?

"Neeples." theme song from Queen Shmooquan's live show, I OWN ME





Gianpaolo Lupori

In a sleepy shanghainese noodle bar, a nation is about to confront one of its many demons. How will it emerge from the battle?

Nighthawks looks at the powerful effect the internet has on Chinese sub-culture. It asks how far its reach amongst the young and old, the rich and poor and guilty or innocents can go before it needs to be tamed…

Inspired by true events which have never been more topical, Nighthawks is Lupori’s fourth short film and most socially daring yet. Shot in Mandarin Chinese (the national language) and Shanghainese dialect, this film goes closer to the raw China that few ever get to see and fewer would dare show…

Nobody's Fool


Joseph Cole

When an alcoholic PI is awakened to help an heiress sort out a will, he's not terribly interested...but then she pays him half upfront and a routine job starts to go off the rails.



Bobby Lewis

A short doc about the visual sonification of noise à la the innovative performance group, NOISEFOLD.

Not It Episode 5 We Should Have Just Asked Mom For the Money


Chris Crutchfield

Two numb-skull sisters find themselves once again in the predicament of having no money and end up taking on a notorious mob boss in exchange for free rent.



Lucas Martell

After the seas have disappeared, a courageous young female pilot fights against vicious sky pirates for control of the last remaining source of water: the clouds.

Only Connect


Andrew McGinn

Lonely tech geek Simon Seiferman falls for Kara Krunchopoulis, member of a radical anti-Internet movement bent on returning intimacy to the plugged-in world. Together they try to destroy the Internet, and are summoned by the champion of 'True Intimacy', Dr. Benjamin Ludd ...

Operation: RAVEN


Jimmie Buchanan Jr.

Sheila Raven is a hard-ass detective who doesn't know the meaning of the word 'quit.' She grew up an orphan who was never adopted; as a result, she trusts no one. Her only 'friends' are Johnny Thunderloin, a friendly local who runs the neighborhood lunch cart, and her police captain, who has a soft spot for her reckless ways despite the trouble they usually end up causing him.

Our Life in Make Believe


Christopher James Lang

Devon is running away from a past she wants to forget. When her path crosses with Zander, and his haphazard journey to Boston, the two form an unlikely Mysterious traveler Devon leaves her isolated life to help a man on his road trip to Boston. Along the way her troubled past begins to catch up, threatening to derail everything.




Wrik Mead

Porn star, Ryan Russell is rotoscoped in this performance about ego and Eros. In the tradition of the peepshow a private sexual performance is made public. Is he simply there to entertain himself or is this a performance for the viewer? It eventually goes terribly wrong when he quite literally drowns in his own ego.

Peng! Snowman Episode 1


Daniel Bodenmann

"Peng! Snowman is a transmedia project with a feature documentary (portrait of Peng Wu-Chi, including comic drafts), a comic booklet (including additional drafts and the "8 ways of personality development" mentioned in the film), a blog (with the "hidden speeches" mentioned in the film as well) and a web series, where Peng is shown on his journey to spread martial art!




Leslie Langee

PERISH is an experimental short film, about a woman who lives in a dream like state, due to her fear of loss and her inability to let go.

Phoenix Run



TJ Walker

Taking place in a dystopian future where everyone is infected with a deadly nano virus, A street smart smuggler Marky is on the run from a crooked super hero and his infected henchmen. Marky flee's to the home where he was raised to hideout.

Pirate Fishing



Creative Director: Ivan Giordano

Pirate Fishing is a real life, interactive, illegal fishing investigation in Sierra Leone. By watching clips the user follows a journalist solve this crime and is required to drag and drop evidence into the right section of a virtual notebook to score points and to advance in status.

Planned Obsolescence



Kevin Owyang

Joe struggles with feelings for Dana and his job of euthanizing robots, like her.

Quetzanimales: Interactive


Scott Macklin

Quetzanimales Interactive is website developed with the Grammy® Award winning band Quetzal. This interactive site offers access to a behind the scenes look at the making of their latest album. Quetzanimales turns to the matter of animals in urban space — imagining a world not merely from the animal’s perspective but that shatters the colonial distinctions between persons, things, and animals.

Restoration, The


Diana Chao

The Restoration is a dramatic short film about a young apprentice, Sean getting closure for a family member's departure through participating in a similar restoration case with an experienced restorative artist, Joanna. Their skills at transitioning the dead from this life to the next are challenged by an extremely damaged body that lost its frontal features.



Wonder Russell

Revelation Film Project is an experimental, ensemble-generated art film. There's a point when something inside snaps, changing you forever. That moment of epiphany is broken down by the intense physicality of six women, embodied by their emotional being, revealing an entirely new human landscape.

River, The


Matt Longmire

“The River” is a dramatic web series about five men abducted into an underground game of No Limit Texas Hold’em Poker where only the winner will survive. Players bet with their lives as well as their chips in the hopes of being the last player alive and walking away with one million dollars and a new life.

Roar, The


Monish Gangwani

In this lyrically haunting piece, a young man vacillates between success and self-destruction until he faces the truth of who he really is and claims his destiny.

Run Downhill: SPURS #1


T.J. Troy

Run Downhill's unique combination of original Americana-inspired music and comic book art and narrative comes alive in this beautiful short film from writer/producer T.J. Troy. Setting Run Downhill's gritty, lyrical music with stories of hope, loss, and redemption, SPURS #1 synthesizes music, comic books, and the human condition in a rare construct that’s as aurally stunning as it is visual.

S(H)EATTLE episode 4: The Problem With Dick



Krystal Faye

Dick problems abound in S(H)EATTLE-land. How will our stars cope?

Sacred Ground


Tim Gruenewald, Ludwig Schmidtpeter

SACRED GROUND shows the connection between Mount Rushmore and Wounded Knee. Mount Rushmore is an icon of the United States, attracting millions of visitors each year. The Wounded Knee Massacre site, only a two-hour drive away, receives just a handful of visitors each day. Mount Rushmore is carved into the granite spires of the Black Hills. To the Lakota, who where slaughtered at Wounded Knee, those hills are sacred. Today, Wounded Knee is in one of the poorest counties in the United States with a lower per capita income than Angola. By contrast, Mount Rushmore is a hub of tourism and commerce. Meet the people who live at, work at and visit each of the memorials.



Kaleb Wentzel-Fisher

Earth is uninhabited by man. Most died, few left for Titan, a moon of Saturn. With them they took the remnants of humanity. But there was an accident, the ships damaged, and the archive destroyed. They arrived on Titan without their history and soon began to lose their memory. Sankofa is about the woman they send back to find it.



Josh Mawer, Stephanie Begg

Aviva, Corey, Emily and Niamh are four twenty-something lesbians from very different backgrounds. Navigating life and love in Brooklyn, NY, is easy for none of them. But when they meet through an iPhone app, the girls realize they have much more in common than they originally thought...



Jason Kartalian

In this darkly romantic fever-dream, Martin, an intense and lonely weirdo who, after a first date, invites the even weirder yet captivating Lauren into his apartment. When she almost immediately locks herself in his bathroom and refuses to come out, things go from awkward to comically bizarre. Seahorses shows how a strange night of unexpected connections can be life-changing.




Jack Dunphy

An animated memoir recounting first love, addiction, loosing one's virginity, and turning to pizza in times of crisis.

Shift Paradigm


Ben Andrews

This film was made to dedicate to my father who encourage me through my time of addiction to realize my value and become more productive in society. The entire cast and crew helped me to achieve this goal with their dedication to complete this film due to my fathers illness.

Shit's About to get Dark


Stephen Stull

"What's the worst thing you can think of?" With those words, five friends kick off a hilariously filthy game of shock value one-upsmanship that culminates unexpectedly in real-life horror.




Maverick Moore

Three rebellious girls burn rubber and leave no survivors on an inexplicably wild ride that mixes French New-Wave pastiche with pulpy, post-modern stylization.

Sidewalk Traffic


Anthony Fisher

When Declan, a 30 year old husband and new father is squeezed out of a promotion, he finds himself wracked by internal crises, including career envy, bitterness over bad breaks and the still-lingering fallout from the suicide of his former creative partner. Searching for salvation, Declan surrenders to the role of stay-at-home dad, and is forced to face his demons while pushing strollers, changing diapers and heating up bottles all the while working to resurrect his dreams.

Smoke Break


Jackie English

A waitress has an erotic murder dance-fantasy when her lazy co-worker sends her into a rage. Adapted from stage and performed by the dancers of Lover Letters Cabaret, SMOKE BREAK is a sensual, sensory experience about those fleeting murderous desires we all experience in the heat of the moment.




Alysha Seriani

A woman attempts to pull herself out of her sinking mood by taking a bath. Soak is a short experimental student film shot and edited on digital formats, produced at Simon Fraser University’s School for the Contemporary Arts. This film explores the physical and emotional sensations of self-care

Soul Minor-Deja Vu


Quincy Davis

'Deja Vu' journeys into a dark world of addiction, isolation, and parasitic energy, shining light on the choices we make to walk our path. Strong emotions were brought up on the first day of shooting, as Soul Minor felt he was reliving a part of his past.

Spilled Milk


Devon Unrau

A couples' relationship deteriorates as a dangerous presence begins to grow in the middle of their home.

Start Options Exit


Yoav Lester, Christopher H.F. Mitchell

Twenty-somethings Neville Carlisle and Yolis Jenkem have come to a freeing conclusion; If you forget the stupid little things like reputation, the law, friendship, the suffering of others.. Life can be kinda fun. You can do whatever you want, getting women is easier, stupid people respect you, sometimes you can even make a little money.

This is how these two self-loathing, self-entitled, hipster-in-denial, hedonists have been living their nihilistic lives for as long as it matters.

"they sound like c***s!"

They most certainly are.

"why would I want to watch a show about c***s?"

Because it's funny.

What we want to do is create a show that explores the destruction that comes with boredom, the selfishness that comes with ego, and the cruel comedy that is the human drama.

Too wanky? Think a Lynchian 'Always sunny in Melbourne' set in the world of empty fun, dark desperation and wasted youth.

Stop Requested


Ben Andrews

Haunted by death and the supernatural, Jess silences her guilt with prescriptions and isolation until Benjamin invades her life with the claim that he’s there to help her. But her fate has already placed her squarely in the middle of an age old debate between Order and Chaos playing itself out in a battle for the souls of seemingly ordinary people.

Strange Things


Alexandria Hammond

Following the day-to-day lives of three teenage street boys in the northern city of Cap-Haitien, STRANGE THINGS: CHILDREN OF HAITI provides an intimate view of the country wide orphan epidemic. Known as Sanguine ("Soulless") and forgotten by their own people, they have struggled for survival since long before the devastating 2010 earthquake. Three years in the making, this documentary captures the spirit of human survival, Haiti's beautiful landscape and rich history.

Struggle of Libations, The



Erin Mullally

A man undertakes a night-long odyssey across Dublin as he questions his only meaningful relationship - the one he maintains with his ever loyal post-work pint.

Submerged (10)


Lexi St. John

SUBMERGED is a thrilling drama exploring the suffering mind of a father

when he hears of his son's untimely death. This film dives into the

distressed mind of a man who needs to learn how to find himself before he

can find his son. But he will question his own sanity when he sees things

that will haunt him forever.

Taking It For Granted


Jill Salvino

Taking It For Granted is a film about choices. Two couples, one gay/one straight, fight for what they believe in; what they think they want, and what they might be able to give to each other.

Talk It Up TV Ep 4.1 Quadripeligic's Passion Reignited


Rick Walters

Dec 17th 1991 Rachel was 5 months pregnant with her twin boys and was notified that their father was killed while serving our country. 16 years later, on the exact same date, her son Jordan was in a tragic snowboarding accident leaving him paralyzed from the neck down. Watching his twin brother finish out his football career and go off to college, Jordan was left with a loss for his purpose and passion for life.



Yahya Ghobadi

This animated film offers a moving look at the destruction of war as seen through the eyes of a young girl

Tears of the Fallen


Charles Cruz

In the aftermath of a medieval battle, a war ravaged soldier meets a peasant woman searching for her warrior son. Unexpectedly their lives will change.



Texture of Fourth Street, The


Dan Boomgarden

The film is a showcase of the every day into art, composed of hundreds of

rubbings of street texture. The film attempts to take a functional surface and turn

it into the abstract in an attempt to make the viewer think differently about the

industrial surfaces around them.

Thank You Stan



Tony White

This film is a personal tribute to the late, great sportsman, Sir Stanley Matthews, in hand-drawn animation for the 100th anniversary of his birth in February 1918. Voices include Sir Stan himself and the Reverend Bishop Desmond Tutu.

Theres an Octopus in Your Head


Ari Grabb

A rock opera about a masochistic pancake master who travels to hell. Through song and dance, he and Devil debate over why it is that he makes pancakes.

Thirsty for Love


Bruce H. Bosley

After a night of heavy drug induced partying, Scott and Jenae are in for a big surprise when they come home and find a tray full of mysterious bacon-wrapped peppers left out by Scott's roommates.

Truth Has Fallen


Sheila Sofian

TRUTH HAS FALLEN is a 60-minute animated/live action documentary about wrongful incarceration, our justice system, and the important work of James McCloskey. Mr. McCloskey founded Centurion Ministries, whose mission is to free prisoners who have been wrongfully convicted of murder. Employing a combination of animation and live action images, TRUTH HAS FALLEN asks how innocent people could be convicted of murder- what can be done to prevent such injustices in the future- and what happens to these innocent people after they are released from prison after years of incarceration? Documentary audio interviews with individuals who have been wrongfully convicted are the focus of the film. Additional interviews with McCloskey and legal experts such as Barry Scheck and Vincent Bugliosi examine the justice system and how these convictions occurred.

Un Tour de cheville (The Anklet)


Guillaume Levil

At the top of a mountain, a man clumsily recites his declaration of love: 'I did hesitate, but I chose you...'

Uncertain Terms


Nathan Silver

Needing a sudden escape from the city, Robbie flees Brooklyn for the countryside to stay with his aunt who runs a home for pregnant teenagers. As the only man in the house, Robbie inadvertently becomes the object of the girls’ attention... and affection. He eventually meets Nina, who is mature beyond her age and struggling with relationship troubles of her own. The more Robbie and Nina get to know each other, the more “complicated” their friendship becomes, stirring up jealously among the girls. In trying to save Nina from making the biggest mistake of her life, Robbie gets caught in a love triangle between Nina and her delinquent baby daddy, Chase.

Unidentified Flying Assholes: First Contact


Garett Garrido

A drunken camper wakes up in the middle of the night to find he's being visited by a couple of asshole aliens.

Union Man, The


Bobby Lewis

A janitor with dashed dreams of athletic stardom finds dignity in his work.

Walk, The


Aaron Wolf

Soon after the death of his father, Danny, a young Jewish boy growing up in late 1980s Brooklyn, meets an older Jewish man, Alfred, outside the local synagogue. The two quickly strike up a friendship as Alfred imparts life lessons during their walks through the neighborhood, to and from Temple. Over twenty years later, Danny will learn a whole new lesson he never saw coming.

Walks Like a...



Arlin McFarlane

The young girl prefers corduroy pants and trucks to dresses and dolls. The two grandmothers drink tea and smoke and critique her behavior. But the dry air and the wool socks create an unexpected shock. Retribution is delicious, even if the question of gender hangs heavy in the air.



Bobby Lewis

A film miniature featuring the Day of the Dead Festival in Corpus Christi, Texas and music from “In The EP” by Treebends. Directed by Bobby Lewis.

Weed School the Movie


Maxwell Swet, Annie Poling

When Willow is picked for the 52nd Hunger Games, her brother Tristan chooses to volunteer so she does not have to face the games alone. As they struggle through the arena, Willow must come to terms with the fact that only one of them can make it home.

When the Time is Right


Travis Laidlaw

In the confines of his garage, a physicist builds a machine which will allow him to correct a wrong in his past.

Where I'm Calling From


Riley Gibson

Adapted from the short story by Raymond Carver, the film follows a hard drinking 1960's working man attempting to sober up at Frank Martin's House, a boarding home for local drunks. Fighting with alcoholism, the men at Frank Martin's swap stories to cope with the oncoming symptoms of withdrawal, as they try to get their lives back on track

Who Is The Mannequin?


Nicki Legge

A game of cat-and-mouse between a giant talking banana and the worst detective to grace the Neo-noir genre



Frank Hall Green

14-year-old Mackenzie is sent by her mom from her home in Seattle to spend the summer with her uncle in Juneau, Alaska. His kindness is almost overwhelming as he welcomes her into his Juneau, Alaska home but still a foreboding hangs over the home and their relationship. Mackenzie longs for her struggling absent mother. As her mom's phone calls become less frequent and her Uncle's care becomes anything but caring, she must flee. With no one to turn to, Mackenzie runs away after a hike around a local Juneau glacier. On her own and haunted by desperate phone calls and text messages from her Uncle, Mackenzie escapes into the town of Juneau which she soon discovers is not an easy place to escape being cut off from everywhere by the sea and mountains.

Witness Bahrain


Jen Marlowe

Witness Bahrain is a piercing look into Bahrain two years after the Arab Spring. Filmmaker Jen Marlowe uncovered stories of doctors tortured for treating protestors, nurses treating injured youth at underground clinics, and the arrest of children and prominent human rights defenders. Marlowe entered Bahrain under false pretenses, filming clandestinely before being deported. The resulting guerilla-style documentary captures an intimate portrayal of Bahrain's uprising.

Wrong Side Up


Henry McComas

A twelve-year-old boy's fate is determined by his father's departure and the impending Dust Bowl as he is forced to care for his family and their farm

y2o {distillé}


Dominique T Skoltz

y2o navigates troubled waters, between suffocation and exaltation, between consummation and relinquishment, between yes and no, from both under the skin and on its surface. This work allows us to see a love on the verge of drifting, a multimorphic cell that is scattered in multiple scenes. Each of these scenes pummels emotional nodes, which are made and unmade by daily abrasions, observing the crossed polarities from which relentless loves are composed.

In this elastic space-time, suspended outside the real, two inner worlds start to collide. If he feels something, she does not, and vice-versa until a void, where they feel nothing anymore, emptied by the force of their emotions.

y2o finds its rhythm in the intimate, the treacherous territory where we unceasingly hesitate between what we conceal from the other’s gaze and what we choose to reveal. Either could lead us to lose our self. Either could lead us to find our self.

Zoe Trapp: Genetic Enhancement Advisor


Mike Vogel

Zoe Trapp is a Genetic Enhancement Advisor at Life Identical, where she screens people via live video chat. But she's also undercover as an embedded spy trying to expose unethical experiments at Life Identical. Zoe needs your help in the event that something happens to her.

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