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Best Narrative Feature

Early Music






Best Documentary Feature

Bring Something Sexy


Catching Sight of Thelma & Louise

Woman on Fire

Best Narrative Short




My Favorite Reindeer



Best Documentary Short

Four Days in December



Gunge Buddies

Every Ghost has an Orchestra

Audience Award

Catching Sight of Thelma & Louise



Bring Something Sexy

Early Music

Best Music Video

Bound- Champagne Sunday



The Sinner

Lavey Laveau  - Nocturne Magnum Opus 9, No 1

Best Experimental Film




Sticks & Stones Trilogy: The Words Spoken, The Words on the Body, The Marks on the Wall

Voluntary Caesura

Best Transmedia Project

Workshop 3D- (AR)t



I've Got a Tablet



Meeting MacGuffin




Phantom Limbs


Voluntary Caesura


A Tale of Two Cities

Brave & Crazy

Full STIFF 2017 Program of 125 Films & Transmedia Projects

Aeon - 9 min



Saygi Uygur - Turkey

In the time of peace a Sith Lord sends his apprentice to retrieve a rare crystal for a new superweapon. But his encounters on the planet with a Jedi Knight and a Local will lead him to a journey no Sith or Jedi has thought before.


Saygi was born in 1993 in Adana/Turkey. He grew inside of an artistic lifestyle thanks to his father. He learned the basics of photography from his father in elementary school. When he started College he participated several lessons of Altınoran Idea and Art Platform. He shot his first short movie with this group. He finished Medical School in 2017. Twitter @berzax Instagram @orcunatay

Arcadian-Symbion Project - 5 min



Sherif R.Alabede - US

Arcadian is a song about escapism ~ consciously & intentionally making a choice to transform from one state to another as a form of leaving something painful behind, even with a loss of identity

Going by the moniker SRA, Sherif R.Alabede is an award winning LA based filmmaker. His haunting music video "Acid Rain" is a celebrated piece of work, that has received widespread acclaim and won awards at the 2015 UK MVA, Milano Film Festival, and SXSW. Dedicated to narrative based visuals with a signature dark aesthetic, Sherif has a natural propensity for turning mundane subjects into images that become embedded in the collective unconscious. Twitter @symbionproject Instagram @symbionproject

Ballet Dancers in Slow Motion - 5 min




This video pieces are an art collection that show the dancers movement in air and slow motion, shot at 1/100 the speed.
The dancers are from the San Francisco Ballet.

Jayson Tang, background Motion Graphics, started his own company called The-Otherside creating immersive environments and most recently started a VR film company called 360profilms.
Cast: Pascal Molat, principle dancer at San Francisco Ballet.
Dores Andres principle dancer at San Francisco Ballet
Kamryn Baldwin member of Corps de Ballet at San Francisco

Beat The City - 4 min



Claudinho Andres Gomez - Chile

Having faced a terrible loss in his personal life, a man fights his agoraphobia seeking for liberation through spirituality.

Claudinho Andres Gomez is Vice President of Chilean Society of Playwrights. Graduated in Film Cristics by Film School of Chile and is author of "A Vontade do Vento" (The Will of the Wind"), a journalistic documentary about political and religious factors on international help to the victims of Super Typhoon Haiyan in Phillippines. Claudinho has also directed and produced music videos for Chilean artists. Some of these works have between one and three million views.

e-mail: or Twitter @claudinhoag Instagram @claudinhoandres

The Best Six Minutes - 7 min



Henry Honig - US

When you're in love, every minute counts.

The Best Six Minutes is directed by Henry Honig, a Seattle area native and local media producer. Director of Photography - Long Tran (while still in high school). Production Supervisor - Eddie Sams. Art Direction by Becki Chandler. And written by Arthur Rains-McNally, Chris Kirkmont & Jeff Todd. Starring Tara Kain, Genevieve Trainor & Emad El Sammad.

Blacked Out- Gold Web - 5 min



Holiday Kirk - US

Little Sparrow stays up past his bedtime and is transported through the looking glass and into his favorite tape through rock and roll magic.

Boondogglers - 14 min



Garrett Elmer - US

After the end of the Civil War, three young bounty hunters reluctantly band together to find a murderer. As they journey further into a mysterious Northwest landscape, the men realize they have only one thing in common: contempt for each other.

Garrett Elmer has had a hunger for filmmaking since he picked up a camera at 10 years old. He's been shooting narrative and documentary shorts ever since. Recently graduating Eastern Washington University with a BA in film, Garrett is in pre-production of his first feature film, Rodentia, and is writing his third feature-length screenplay. Twitter @gwelmer Instagram @gwelmer

Bound by Champaign Sunday - 5 min



Melinda Raebyne - US

In the mist of the struggles that our country is currently facing with bigger gaps growing that seem to divide us even more within our communities, Bound's message is about overcoming in the face of adversity. Featuring real stories of people in the U.S. who have had to face the struggles of prejudice but refuse to be reduced by them.

Melinda Raebyne began filmmaking in 2015. Her goal is to inspire audience to feel the story being told on screen so they become vested in a solution and motivated to act. March 2016 Melinda received the Right Now Today Humanitarian Award for her first short film “Asylum.” A narrative showing the realities of mental trauma caused by domestic violence. Twitter @MelindaRaebyne  Instagram @MelindaRaebyne

Brave and Crazy - 7 min



Collin J Neal - US

Set in the vein of the 1980's, a young woman comes into an audition for a prestigious dance school, prepared with music and a routine only to be abruptly interrupted and told to try something they have new and go with it on the fly. Watch as 3 judges take notes, stress is put on and a once in a lifetime performance comes to life in "Brave and Crazy".

Collin Joseph Neal was born in Pendleton, Oregon on July 5th 1985. Born into the farm life he had a lot of changes coming along the way with moving from city to city until finally settling in Spokane, Washington for his years growing up. After High School moved to Seattle, WA went to Seattle Film Institute. Started Faith vs Fate Productions with wife Erin Neal. With years experience bringing the 1980’s era of cinema back to life with adventure, love, action, suspense, comedy and drive with incredible cast and crew teams. and Twitter @enwrites

Bring Something Sexy - 72 min



Kristine Harmer - US

Follow Kristy, a rebellious 5'2 freelance art and glamour nude model, through her daring and risqué adventures in this documentary. Despite her oppressive religious parents, strict standards of mainstream agency modeling, and shock-factor news headlines of rogue model kidnappings, she forges her own path by finding photographers on different social media platforms.

Kristy, the main character of Bring Something Sexy, is also the director in the film. She is a full time freelance model who started modeling through online opportunities at the age of 18. Through the process of struggling to make ends meet to becoming a successful full time model, Kristy has been motivated to empower others to embrace their unconventional beauty. Twitter @thepurerebel Instagram @pure_rebel

The Broposal - 2 min



Johnathan McFarlane - Canada

A bodybuilder struggles with how to pop the big question.

Actor Dana Baker is a Canadian National Champion bodybuilder and works full-time for the railway. He's 24 and hopes to go pro at some point... either in bodybuilding or acting.

Burn the River Down- Elli Perry - 4 min



Shawn Engler - US

Music Video from Elli Perry

Born and raised in Georgia, Elli Perry began her musical career as a tenacious twelve year old performing on barroom stages around the Southeast. Throughout her adolescence and adulthood, music and movement served as the driving forces that defined her story. She migrated across the country from New York to New Orleans, New Mexico, and Texas, all while touring relentlessly from coast to coast. In 2014, she found herself creatively spent from life on the road, exhausted from a years' long battle with depression, and reeling from a painful divorce. She stepped away from the stage in order to recover, this time crossing oceans instead of states in her search for inspiration and a place to call home. First in a stone cottage in the French countryside, and later in a wallless house in the coastal jungles of Costa Rica, Perry wrote the bulk of the songs that would become Little Thieves. Instagram @shawnengler




Santiago Echeverry - US

Every Thursday evening, GRAMPS in Wynwood, Miami's Art District, throws an alternative Drag Show, with some of the most daring and talented performers in South Florida. 'Cabaret: Double Stubble' is a three dimensional study of the nature of Drag, the challenges of illusion, and the beauty of the gesture, digitally abstracted in lower resolution.

Santiago Echeverry is a Colombian American New Media and Digital Artist with a background in Television, Video and Performance Art. Thanks to the Fulbright Grant he received his Master's degree from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU. His interests are non-linear narration, video-art, interactive design, creative code and web experimentation. All his works are available online at Twitter @sechevere

Call The Mountains Down - Devin Sinha - 5 min



Collin Neal - US

A song about making the most out of your life and not wasting the little bit of time we all have on this earth. The song reminds us that living with purpose and intention is far more fulfilling than letting life just carry you along aimlessly.

Collin Joseph Neal was born in Pendleton, Oregon on July 5th 1985. Born into the farm life he had a lot of changes coming along the way with moving from city to city until finally settling in Spokane, Washington for his years growing up. After High School moved to Seattle, WA went to Seattle Film Institute. Started Faith vs Fate Productions with wife Erin Neal. With years experience bringing the 1980’s era of cinema back to life with adventure, love, action, suspense, comedy and drive with incredible cast and crew teams. and Twitter @Giffdev Instagram @Giffdev

Cambodian Survivor - 'The Cat' - 24 min



Antony De Gennaro - US/Cambodia

Siem Reap war museum tour guide Moun Sinath, 'The Cat', tells his story to American Jim Hobson. Moun, a native Cambodian, survived decades of war, land mines and fighting the Khmer Rouge in the killing fields. Moun gives insight into the Russian & Chinese involvement of supplying weaponry and land mines with the purpose of killing Cambodians to take over the country. The devastation caused by mines is felt to this day as people continue to lose their lives and limbs. Despite it all, Moun has kept his sense of purpose and humor. He says, " A cat has four legs. This cat has one leg."

Antony is an artist focused on film, photography & music. He has been a resident of Tashiro Kaplan Artist Lofts in Seattle since it's opening in 2004.

Antony developed an obsession with music during his formative years in New Jersey. His high school art teacher encouraged his interest in photography but warned he would have to choose between the two mediums. Instead, Antony moved to Seattle where he has been merging sound and visuals ever since. Committed to his craft, he studied music at Cornish College of the Arts and began a lifelong DYI education of the art, production and distribution of his work. Antony has produced 2 feature films, 3 short films, music videos & a hotel ad.

The Carefree Prophet - 5 min



Preston Patterson, Stephone L. Brown - US

My film is about what it means to be carefree. There are two young men in this film, one young man has a very cynical perspective of the world, and the other young man is bursting with optimism, and just loves to dance. The hopeful young man briefly encourages the cynic to look at life through a more positive light, but ultimately the cynic shows the young man why his outlook is so grim.

Preston Patterson (Co-Creator, Co-director) - Preston Patterson is currently a dancer with Ballet Austin Inc. He began his dance training in Atlanta, GA with Ballethnic Academy of Dance, and Later Studied with The Royal Winnipeg Ballet, The School of American Ballet, and The National Ballet of Canada. This Is Mr. Patterson’s first film creation, and he intends to keep creating.

Stephone Brown (Co-Creator, Co-Director) - Stephone Brown is a Contemporary Hip Hop Dancer, videographer, and photographer currently residing in San Diego, Ca. He is currently studying Hip Hop, Contemporary, and Jazz Dance at Culture Shock Dance Studio. For more of his work as well as collaborations visit his website at Twitter @prestonandrew1 Instagram @pres88

Catching Sight of Thelma & Louise - 87 min



Jennifer Townsend - US

A powerful, intimate, timely film, ‘Catching Sight of Thelma & Louise’ dives off the edge, into the truth of women’s experience in the world. Clips from ‘Thelma & Louise’ serve as a catalyst for personal stories by viewers who saw the film in 1991 and wrote about it at the time. They pose the question: Has anything changed in 26 years?

Jennifer Townsend came to filmmaking late in life, after careers in law and real estate. Her fascination with the depth and breadth of the human experience drew her to documentaries. She is self-taught and says her 'learning curve' goes straight up. Jennifer began production on her first feature at age 75. She hopes to continue making films until she reaches 'a ripe old age.' Twitter @FarBeyondFilm

Colton - 86 min



Kevin McKeon - US

A young man, Colton, becomes influenced by an online hate group and is coerced into committing an act of domestic terrorism. A woman is convinced that people are being enslaved by some device that is being implanted in their bodies by a clandestine organization. As she tries to make people aware of the conspiracy, Colton embarks on his mission.

Kevin McKeon (Writer, Director, Editor) is an actor and theatre artist in the Pacific Northwest. As a writer, his stage adaptations of literary works include David Guterson's Snow Falling on Cedars and Tolstoy's Anna Karenina. Other films are A Formula for Mayhem (1993) and How They Attack Us (web series, 2014).

Conventions in western art favor portraits that position theface slightly offcenter to avoid disturbing symmetrical compositions



Slawomir Milewski - Poland/UK

Carbon dioxide from burning fuels causes global warming, a process capable of changing the world's climate significantly. The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased steadily over the past 150 years, and so has the average global temperature.

Dancing Day - 4 min



Tytus Bergstrom- US

Fantasy about playing hooky from work, and a little surprised to see what follows when leaving the house.

Tytus Ethan Bergstrom, is an American film director, screenwriter, producer, visual effects artist, actor and Latin ballroom dancer. He is the creator/director of Reality TV Movie, a dance parody film of the reality TV genre. As a Latin ballroom dancer, Bergstrom is a 4-time United States Latin Dance Champion. Twitter @tytusbergstrom Instagram @TytusEntertainment

The Distance - 5 min



Peter d. M. Castro - US

The official music video for "The Distance" by Dani Hobbs tells the story of a young woman who is in a great new relationship but still longs for what she once had.

Peter d. M. Castro is a Writer, Director, and Producer from Seattle who has had the pleasure of working on everything from sci-fi, horror, and comedy and now to LGBTQ cinema. Peter had the fantastic opportunity to collaborate with local artist Dani Hobbs (star and co-director) to tell her semi-fictional story through music and video. Instagram @peterdmcastro & @danithehobbit

The Domestic Life of a Housecat - 4 min



Marnie Ellen Hertzler - US

The curse of hindsight and the desperate pursuit of intimacy portrayed through a personal collection of voicemails, sex tapes, animation, and spite

Marnie Ellen is a video artist, animator, and filmmaker living and working in Baltimore, MD. With a heavy focus on Production Design, she currently produces videos that act as cinematic platforms for exploration of interpersonal relationships, human connectivity, and interpretive storytelling through symbols, sound, and animation.

Dream of Venus-Golden Gardens - 5 min



Andrew Sobey - US

Seattle's Golden Gardens drew inspiration from Salvador Dali's 1939 World's Fair exhibition for their song, Dream of Venus. Building on that surrealist impulse, the video pays homage to experimental filmmaker Maya Deren's 1944 film At Land. This uniquely Pacific Northwest take on Deren's work has been called "broodingly beautiful", "unsettling", and "a magical little pocket universe ready for the taking".

Driver's Ed - 14 min



Chase Norman - US

A shy, overweight young woman leaves the safety of her home for an unwelcoming high school classroom.

Chase Norman is a young female filmmaker from St. Louis, Missouri. She graduated from the UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television in 2015.

Dystania - 3 min



Ryan Wicks - US

Materialistic void of styrofoam projection-eers.

Ryan Wicks is an experimental filmmaker from Los Angeles, California whose work explores pop-cultural realities and contexts. His films have screened at the San Francisco International Film Festival, Artists' Television Access, OTHER Cinema, San Diego Underground Film Festival, Videodrunk, SOMArts, Southern Exposure Gallery, San Francisco Underground Short FIlm Festival, and the Sacramento International Film Festival, among other venues and exhibitions. Instagram @rwicksart

Early Music - 62 min



Patrick Penta - US

Early Music is a comedy/drama about making it in the music business. The story is spread over two characters: one a harpsichordist, Penny White, who still lives at home, and the other a rock star wanna-be, Flash Voltner. They meet when Penny is forced to look for a new place to live.

Patrick Penta is a director, writer, musician and sometimes actor.

The Endless River - 3 min



Mohammad Mohammadian - Iran

A young boy is sitting next to a droughty river, watching the barren land while fantasizing about fishing. Drown in his daydreaming, he coughs and comes back to his senses, gets up and walks along the river.

Every Ghost Has An Orchestra - 7 min



Shayna Connelly - US

Truth hides in the margins and the artist points it out. The question of what happens after we die is a universal mystery explored by paranormal researcher and experimental composer Michael Esposito. He straddles the line between spiritual and material, asking the audience to reflect on our purpose, legacy and what our actions say about who we are.

Shayna Connelly’s work explores hauntings, liminality and the boundaries between documentary, experimental and fiction filmmaking. Her films have screened at IC Docs, Chicago Feminist Film Festival, Stranger Without a Face, Big Muddy, Columbus International, Chicago Underground, Ann Arbor, Athens International and Brookly Film Festival among others. Newcity Magazine named her one of Chicago's 50 Screen Gems of 2016.
Michael Esposito is a paranormal researcher and experimental composer who has conducted hundreds of recordings of electronic voice phenomena (EVPs). Michael explores the relationship between EVPs and experimental music and has released musical collaborations with F.M. Einheit, Carl Michael von Hausswolff and Leif Elggren on his Phantom Airwaves label. Twitter @shaynaconnelly Instagram @shaynacon

The Existential Zombie - 3 min



Susan Lien Whigham - US

Existential horror from the zombie-centric perspective. Zombies are a popular trope in American culture right now and they can signify a lot of different things in a metaphorical sense - depression, illness, addiction, disillusionment with society, etc. My short film is intended as a metaphor for this feeling of emotional disconnection, and hopefully inspires hope toward a change in direction.

Susan Lien Whigham has been making short films since 2009 with over 40 festival screenings including San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Moscow, London, Marbella, Copenhagen, Manaus and more. She is currently studying Motion Picture and Television Directing at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, CA, USA, with pre-production in progress on a feature film. Twitter @tierrasimbolica  Instagram @tierrasimbolica

EXPERIENCE - An Online Interactive Role-Play Adventure



Daniele Bellucci - Italy

Experience is an online interactive story defined by visual and narrative contents. Set in a western-fantasy world that takes place on a website and social networks, it will give users te chance to join storyline based quests, get rewarded with points and prizes and influence the narration.

Born as a filmmaker and director, graduated in Cinema in 2010, he has been a gamer since he was very young. Time spent playing RPG, D&D, Magic the Gathering and similar forged his interests and shaped his mind. During the last years he studied and analyzed transmedia principles and attended a workshop by IRS Europa in Transmedia storytelling and gamification. After completing his first major project, a low budget 45 minutes long movie followed by half a million people around the world, he developed the desire to apply the transmedial dynamics, Experience is the result of this process.

f * ck tr * mp - 5 min



Lyle Kash - US

two queermos/long-time-friends/long-ago-lovers converge following president elect donald trump’s rise to power. kay pierces themselves with injection needles and writes the word ‘FUCK’ across their body. continuing the discourse, they pierce their friend in the shape of the word ‘TRUMP’. engaging the body-as-text and the body-as-already-a-text, these two masochists pierce their white skin and trans bodies with needles currently covered by obamacare.

lyle lives with his little red dog in los angeles. he is getting his MFA in film/video from the california institute of the arts. in addition to his filmmaking work, he is a cocktail wizard, long-distance runner, avid reader, and passionate friend. Twitter @queerelle

Footnote - 38 min



Peter Serko - US

An inspiring true story of love and devotion, Footnote traces the remarkable legacy of a photograph, a dying man’s final wish, and a promise.

Peter Serko is an accomplished photographer, gardener, freewheeling cook, bagel and fruitcake maker, and a pretty good guitar player. A late-bloomer, Peter took-up photography in his 50s. Shortly thereafter he wrote and performed his first play. "Footnote" is his first film. He is the father of three adult children and has been married to his wife, Sue, for 38 years. Twitter @SerkoPeter

Four Days in December -12 min



Marshal Hunter

In December 2016, thousands of Veterans went to Standing Rock North Dakota to stand alongside Native American Water Protectors battling the Dakota Access Pipeline. This is a story from within that gloriously flawed deployment.

Marshal Hunter is a writer and storyteller with a degree in sculpture and metal work whose normal genres are science fiction and fantasy. But after going to Standing Rock there was a new story to tell; something real, visceral. A story that changed his life. Twitter @MarshalAHunter

Fumes - 15 min



Tom Werber - United Kingdom

A fuel crisis grips the city. Society itself hangs in the balance. Jared must escape to join Phoebe and their child, but ss he prepares to leave, an old acquaintance appears, asking for a ride. Jared agrees, but as the two set out together, Jared becomes suspicious of his companion's motives.

Tom Werber is a writer / director from London, UK. His music videos and animation work have exhibited and won awards around the world.

Gravitational Waves - 3 min



Ruohan Wang - Germany

As the most important phenomenon in the universe, gravitation is the cause why particles relate with each other, whereas as a symbol of energy, gravitation is connected to thermodynamic and entropy. Thermodynamics tells us that energy transports via arrow of time, which means time flows forwards and useful energy turns useless or chaos. Such energy is entropy. All movements increase entropy, which are among invisible particles and nature forces, so called waves. It is not only in physics domain but also related to philosophy, energy conversation and coherence.

Ruohan Wang is a illustrator, visual artist and VJ based in Berlin, Germany. She graduate from UdK Berlin in 2016, and her major focus is “Interactive experiment between illustration and sound”. Her Animation artwork is selected in Retune Festival, Zoom International Film Festival. On Mar. 30, 2017, she opened her solo exhibition “meschugge GIFs und neugierige Collagen” in MFI Berlin. Instagram @ruo_han_wang

Gunge Buddies - 12 min



Meredith Moore - US

Equal parts documentary and fiction. Gunge Buddies is an experimental short that explores what happens when a group of friends from an online community get together for the first time to participate in one of the most innocuously beautiful and messy fetishes around: gunging.

Meredith Moore is a filmmaker and artist located in Baltimore, MD. She teaches at Maryland Institute College of Art and is the director of Secret Psychic CInema, an experimental film series, and is on the screening committee of The Maryland Film Festival. Her work is mostly experimental, and has recently been exploring the intersection of documentary and fiction.

Hard To Believe - 56 min



Ken Stone - Israel, United Kingdom, United States

IT’S HAPPENED BEFORE: Governments killing their own citizens for their political or spiritual beliefs. But it’s never happened like this.

It’s happened so often that the world doesn’t always pay attention. But is economic influence the reason, that this time, it’s going largely unreported? It’s hard to believe that doctors would carve up innocent people so their organs could be sold. It’s even harder to believe that major media are not investigating. Yet it happened tens of thousands of times, and may be happening still.

Hard to Believe is a documentary that examines the issue of forced live organ harvesting from Chinese prisoners of conscience, and the response—or lack of it—around the world. Produced by Swoop Films, two-time Emmy Award-winning director/producer, Ken Stone, and Irene Silber.

Ken Stone spent 20 years in American broadcast newsrooms – the bulk of that time at public television stations. His national awards include a duPont Silver Baton (Columbia University’s broadcast equivalent of its Pulitzer) and a Gabriel Award and he is a two-time documentary winner of a regional Emmy Award.

Hell Follows - 11 min



Brian Harrison - Japan, United States

Betrayed by his clan and murdered for his past evil deeds, a sadistic killer's soul possesses his identical twin's body and sets out onto the road of vengeance for one final crusade of extermination. Everywhere he goes ... HELL FOLLOWS.

Since the early age of 7, when Director Brian Harrison was first introduced and inducted into the world of Asian cinema, the young film director has been training. Training not only in mind, but in spirit and influence. Over these years, Harrison developed an almost encyclopedic knowledge of cinema and as a result, he has taken this plethora of influences and history and attempted to create his own style, voice and most importantly, immersive universe, which is evident in his supernatural, cyberpunk thriller, Gokuraku-joudo (Hell Follows).

Like the filmmakers before him (i.e. Seijun Suzuki, Nagisa Oshima, Sogo Ishii, and Shinya Tsukamoto, etc.), Hell Follows is a new take on Japanese cinema that stands up to reinvigorate and synthesize art and the genre film while coupling it with a specifically directed sonic palate. Instagram @xpr.mental

The Holly Kane Experiment - 103 min



Tom Sands - United Kingdom

Holly Kane is an experimental psychologist, whose research into mind-control techniques is driven by a fear of insanity. As she experiments with drug-fuelled subliminal programming, two very different men come into her life. One is young and handsome, the other old and powerful. But neither of them are telling her the whole truth. When Holly steps up her experiments on herself with more sophisticated equipment and more powerful drugs, she descends into paranoia and madness.

At the relatively tender age of 26, Tom has directed award-winning shorts and documentaries, commercials, music videos, and two feature films. Although Tom was tipped for Oxbridge, and was a keen student of the theory of film, he quickly realised that film-making is not an academic process. What was needed was a much more hands-on approach. So he dropped out of film school and cut his teeth shooting and editing a series of documentaries filmed in eight different countries. He then expanded into music videos and commercials, and in 2014 produced and directed his first feature film which was released the following year – Backtrack starring Julian Glover. His experience has taught him how to balance the commercial and the artistic. Tom passionately believes that commercial films can have depth.

How to Date Couples - 9 min



Sunny Monroe - US

How to Date Couples is a spoof on educational films from the 50s. With the help of an ever-present narrator, Mark and Kelly delve into the mysterious world of open relationships in search of the perfect couple to date.

Sunny Monroe is a freelance copy writer in Seattle. She’s produced sketch comedy shows with SketchFest Seattle and a few short informational videos. Sunny has performed in the SketchFest Mashup and The Passion Project, a storytelling show about personal passions, which is where she started boiling down the ideas for this short. How to Date Couples is her first short comedy film.

Hurt - 4 min



Moema Umann - US

“Hurt” aims to capture a moment of almost total freedom to represent a woman's longing for her lost innocence after a heartbreaking experience. In an attempt to release the pain of a broken heart, she longs for a time when she was young and innocent.
Director/Writer/Executive Producer: Moema Umann is a Brazilian filmmaker, and co-owner/founder of MoTif Productions. She holds a M.F.A. in directing from The Actors Studio in New York. Her work seeks to explore new ways of telling stories through a mix of film, drawing, animation, photography, and poetry. Through her projects she aims to create opportunities for other underrepresented artists to collaborate. Twitter @motiffy Instagram @MoTif_fY

I Don't Like Here - 20 min



Javad Daraei - Iran

Eli has been involved in a personality dualism and regardless of her constant disagreemets with here fathr'she stil seeks her true nature.

I Love You, Keep Going



Ari Gold - US

A bicycle-powered film installation about oil and the spirit of nature,

by student-Oscar winning filmmaker Ari Gold.


3 film chapters invite the audience to ride bicycles.

Shadows become part of the image. 

Their action changes the world.

I've got a Tablet



Xavi Tello - Spain

I've got a tablet is a real-time Transmedia Documentary about digital marketing, where the director is studying the ways of media content promotion and exhibition at Internet, using video marketing and social media strategies with the film itself.

Xavi Tello is an off road videomaker, producer, diver and musician, now inside a digital trip in to the digital marketing, growth hacking & videomarketing.

He has worked for ten year making english war documentaries of WW2, advertising, web series and video content for promotion.

He has also produced 'Colors Notes' (2011) and the first underwater non verbal film 'Hydro' (2014), made under Creative Commons licenses with the work of 56 underwater filmmakers and filmed at 27 countries. Twitter @xaviocioso

Imaginarium - 3 min



Robert Carillo, Taylor Chavez, Danyae Souther - US

Kayla is brought to the library against her will. She soon finds that there are many things which can stimulate and cultivate her imaginarium. The place where imaginations run free.

Robert Carillo, Taylor Chavez and Danyae Souther spent their Senior year at Thomas Downey High School working on their animated short film Imaginarium. They were so dedicated to creating something meaningful, that they would work for 3 hours after school twice a week. All 3 of them are preparing for college where they are pursuing careers in the animation industry.

The In Between - 11 min



David Over - US

After the death of his best friend and secret crush, teenager Alex mysteriously reunites with her for one more day together in a dreamlike "in between".

When Georgia based filmmaker David Over isn't working as an airline manager, he's pretending to be a film director. Or eating $1.50 Costco hotdogs. He's directed dozens of short films you've never heard of (& probably shouldn't see). David holds a degree in Video Production from Bellevue College & his work has earned two Remi Awards at the Houston Int'l Film Festival & won an Audience Award at the National Film Festival for Talented Youth.

Invaders web series: Angie's Logs - 13 min



Mark Cabaroy - US

Seven year old Angie Martinez is recording another episode of her YouTube show, "The Angie Show," when she witnesses the beginning of an alien invasion of an unsuspecting planet Earth. For a while things are looking bad for the world but when Angie gets involved things start looking worse for the Invaders.

Mark Cabaroy is an award winning Writer/ Director who for over 25 years has been directing, writing and producing various film projects including , but not limited to, short films, commercials, music videos and educational industrials.

After attending the School of Visual Arts, Mark started off his career as a freelance writer for the Children’s Television Workshop, writing for hit shows such as Sesame Street and The Electric Company.

Twitter @Invadersseries

The Invisible Walls of Occupation



Osnat Skoblinski - State of Palestine

In the interactive documentary “The Invisible Walls of Occupation” viewers are invited on a virtual tour of the Palestinian village of Burqah, a rural suburb of the city of Ramallah that has become cut off from its urban center through various restrictions imposed by Israel. The documentary has Burqah residents leading viewers on a virtual tour of their village. The project depicts the story of the village and illustrates various aspects of Palestinians’ daily life under occupation.

Osnat Skoblinski, an Israeli journalist residing in Montreal, has been creating digital content for B’Tselem since 2012. Twitter @btselem Instagram @btselem

The Island by Sweet Play - 4 min



Darrell Lee HALL - UK/France

In a world where mankind finds itself immersed in artificial paradises via virtual reality, a young woman tries to make sense of the present in order to find her lost love. The music video depicts a dystopian society, our society, on the verge of great change, through ideological and technological development.

After completing his masters program in Film & Media Studies with an emphasis on screenwriting, Darrell Lee Hall attended Luc Besson’s brand new film school in Paris (France) – L’École de la Cité du Cinéma. He graduated there in July 2014, after he followed a two year course in filmmaking. During his time at this film school, he completed three short films, and got to work on several movie sets. Twitter @Apollo_s_Lyre & @Darrell_L_Hall

Lifeline - 19 min



Adam Harum - US

When Robert learns he will die on Friday morning, he must navigate the final days of his trivial life in a world where death is an industry and companionship can be bought. Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It's the transition that's troublesome.

Adam Harum’s involvement in Emmy Award winning film work, paired with his extensive professionally-based knowledge of the post-production world put his filmmaking experience well beyond his age. Harum's films have taken him all over the world; from the torn and struggling villages of Haiti to the rustic and historic river town of Schiltach, Germany. Instagram @ajharum

Live With Me - 5 min



Amirhossein Kotobzadeh - Islamic Republic of Iran

To cope with grief and loss, people sometimes divert their attention to inanimate objects, quickly trying to breathe life into them. Using her artistic abilities, the protagonist creates an effigy of her love to spend a few more moments with him. Quickly, she is experiencing several scenarios with her “lover” and, ultimately, finds that there is only one viable exit

Amirhossein Kotobzadeh (b1982) has a BA in film editing and currently studies for a master’s degree in cinema at Soore Art University of Tehran. His resume includes photography assistance in few feature-length films, including Asghar Farhadi’s The Salesman. After creating a music video for Massive Attack’s “Live with Me”, he has also made a short film titled On the Roof. Twitter @amirkotob Instagram @amirkotob

MAIA - 25 min




Maia is the direct witness of what living a true life is: she understood that vulnerability and kindness are her core values. Her strength is her capability to tolerate pain, fear and delusion without ever renounce to her feeling and emotions. She teaches us that life isn’t about what happens to us, but it is about how we react to it. She has the immense power of forgive and accept. And even though she suffers, she finds her way to win no matter how life goes.

Alessandro Prete is an italian actor, director, writer and acting coach. He began his career at the age of 8, directed by Enzo G. Castellari in the movie ‘’Escape from the Bronx”. He studied at the Stella Adler acting studio in Los Angeles. After shooting several italian movies and TV series, he began his career as a director in 2002. He has been director of many theatrical plays such as "Edgar Allan Poe" and "Frida Khalo" that took place in great roman theaters (Eliseo, Quirino, Ghione and Cometa). Maia was his first short movie. &

Make A New Dance Up - 4 min



Chris Jenkins - Canada

Students of PRDFS 2016 use public domain stock footage, self made animation, and live action to create an exciting music video using a Hey Ocean song of the same name, given by permission. Love, and being open to life is the theme.


may I dance ? - 4 min



Vasco Diogo - Portugal

may I dance ? is a short video-dance piece based on the recording of ordinary movements that were not previously rehearsed nor based on an existing music. The impossible choreography was constructed by a multi-track chroma editing process, fragmenting the performer's identity. It is influenced by noise, punk, hip-hop and a desire to experiment an aesthetics of failure.

Born in 1970 in Lisbon. Experimental Director, Performer, Video Artist. Cinema Professor at University of Beira Interior. PhD: "Video: Specificity, Hibridity and Experimentation", 2008. Makes experimental videos, multimedia performances and video installations shown in Portugal, France, Germany, USA, Netherlands, Belgium, Serbia, Canada, Brazil, India, Poland, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden and Spain. Instagram @vascod

Meeting MacGuffin - 10 min



Catya Plate - US

In a post-apocalyptic future where humanity has fallen apart, a group of scientists and an animated sign complete the construction of a new human race and meet a groundhog climatologist who prepares them for their mission to restore balance to the decimated Earth.

Catya Plate, born in Barcelona, Spain, raised in Köln, Germany, is a Brooklyn based filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist. She earned her BFA for Fine Arts in Germany before coming to New York in 1987 through a Fulbright Scholarship. In 2009, she created Clothespin Freak Productions to bring her “Clothespin Freaks” characters to life through multi-award winning stop-motion animated short films. Twitter @catyaplate  Instagram @catyaplate

Menstruation- Meet The LadyBugs! – Ep. 2 Season 4 - 4 min



Dorothy Wallace - US

In this Busby Berkeley style extravaganza, The Ladybugs help Mrs. Nudelpuddin teach the girls in her class about getting their first period by performing their song, Menstruation with dancing birth control and feminine products.

Dorothy Wallace is the creator/animator/writer/songwriter of the animated musical web series "Meet The LadyBugs". The LadyBugs perform alternative children’s music about difficult topics like sexual abuse, where babies come from and teen suicide. The LadyBugs first two albums “Sugar is Poison” and “Broken Tiaras” were performed, produced and arranged by Dorothy Wallace. Twitter @DorothyWallace or @MeetTheLadyBugs Instagram @DorothyLadyBug

Miner's Walk - 4 min



Josephine Lie - Indonesia

Miner’s Walk is an interactive documentary exploring the lives of Indonesian miners who trek the slopes of the Ijen Crater in search of sulphur. Granting viewers an exclusive look to the their world, Miner’s Walk follows the miners into the crater as they describe the reality of their work, the impact of technology, and how tourism is affecting their future.

Josephine Lie is a designer with a keen interest for interactive storytelling and Southeast Asia. Josephine has created award-winning short films in Australia and worked as a designer for the BBC and Facebook in London. Twitter @josephine_a_lie

Modern Dark - 6 min



Josh Lunden - US

A young man living in a light-polluted city attempts to see the stars through his childhood telescope.

Josh Lunden is a writer, director, producer working out of Portland, Oregon. Twitter Instagram

My Favorite Reindeer - 4 min



Levi Isaacs - US

A comedic, tongue-in-cheek, Christmas-themed music video from the fictional band My Favorite Reindeer.

Levi Isaacs is a filmmaker, actor and musician from Eastern Washington. He has worked on upwards of 50+ low budget films in the Seattle area, and has written, directed, edited and starred in many of his own shorts. He has recently completed Santa Fe University of Art & Design's online film program and aspires to direct/produce feature films. Twitter @timezonefilms  Instagram @timezonefilms

Ne me quitte pas/If you go away - 5 min



Soheila Golestani - Iran

Unutterable feeling and unique, Filmed with 360-VR Camera by ​Mrs​​Soheila Golestani, Ne me quitte pas/If you go away is about Human And war, two part of a fact. Name of this fact is LIFE. Regarding to this Fact , Everyday many people have to select one of these parts, death or separation. In fact, life in 3th century is trade Off between death and separation and in this chaos, LOVE is single gleam , LOVE is only great survivor to conquest of tomorrow. Don't go away is 5 minutes experience of love in the war, Difficult conditions separate a couple But young woman fight to the destiny.

Soheila Golestani well known internationally by her feature film TWO and her acting roles in many movies,has directed the film

New York City - 29 min



Stephen Agisilaou - Australia/US

In 2015 I jumped behind the camera in my directorial debut in the short dance film “New York City”. It has been a lifelong ambition of mine to direct film and as I am extremely comfortable with dance it seemed like the smartest way to begin my journey into the medium. On this project I collaborated with cinematographer Aleutian Calabay and dancers Robert Mark Burke & Crystal Lynn Rodriguez -all from New York City. I wanted to capture the energy and grit of the city along with the human concept of love within it.

“New York City” is a visual dance film: a reflection of a couple and their city. Both these things coinciding bring life and existence to one another. There is a comfort a couple can achieve when they have been together for a long period of time, and the idea of contentment works hand in hand with one's surroundings. Although both may seem dirty and unfair at times, you soon learn that all these undesirable aspects are just as unique and necessary as the pleasant ones.

Instagram @Stephenagisilaou & @verticalshadows

News from the Sun - 3 min



Brendan & Jeremy Smyth - US

An apocalyptic narrative unfolds through the words of "The Sun," a British tabloid created by media mogul Rupert Murdoch. 4000 single frames were exposed, unedited, and accompanied with the pulsing rhythms of the sun collected by NASA, resembling the Buddhist "Om," the sound of our universe.

The Smyth Brothers were commissioned to make this film by Ben Russell for Moogfest 2016 in Durham, NC as part of a 9-part screening series entitled "Memories of the Space Age". Thanks to Josh Lewis at Negativland Motion Picture Lab for his beautiful processing/printing work! Instagram @thesmythbrothers

Nocturne Magnum Opus 9, No. 1- Lavey Laveau - 6 min



christopher haines, John patrick sellars - US

Anton Lavey and Marie Laveau attend a soirée convened in their honor, partying with dead rock stars, bearing witness to the hedonistic indulgences of the afterlife.

Christopher Haines and John Patrick Sellars are musicians who met in college. Lavey Laveau is their stygian classical ensemble and “Nocturne Magnum Opus 9, #1” is their directorial debut. Lon Lawson is a photographer who specializes in fine art body painting shoots and recreations of oil on canvas masterpieces for the camera.

North & Nowhere - 12 min



Scott Ballard - US

A girl, a gun & a last chance.

Scott Ballard is an award-winning Director, Producer and Director of Photography. He has written and directed three feature films; his most recent winning 11 awards playing at 39 festivals around the world. With 15 years experience filming, he holds an MFA in Film Production from Boston University. He lives in the Northwest dedicating his career to indie cinema. Twitter @sballardfilms  Instagram @ScottBallardFilms




Will Luers - US

novelling is a recombinant digital novel that employs text, video and sound. It poses questions about the acts of reading and writing fiction, and inhabits the liminal space between the two activities. The work is a generative system that algorithmically orders and spatially arranges fragments of media (design elements, text, video and sound) in 6-minute cycles. Every 30 seconds the interface changes, but the user may also click the screen at any time to produce a change.

Will Luers is digital media artist and writer living in Portland,Oregon. In the Creative Media & Digital Culture program at Washington State University Vancouver, he teaches multimedia authoring, creative programming, digital storytelling and digital cinema. His art works have been exhibited internationally and selected for various festivals and conferences, including the Electronic Literature Organization, FILE (Brazil) and ISEA. His website and portfolio is at Instagram @wluers

NYC Flow - 3 min



Danil Krivoruchko - US

Turning the Big Apple into a spectacular virtual painting. Exploration of video processing technics introduced by neural-style code.

Danil Krivoruchko was born in Ukraine in 1979. At the age of 26, he moved to Moscow, Russia to work as a graphic designer. Now he is New York-based multidisciplinary art director and visual effects artist.

One and the same - 4 min



Jonatan Petre Brixel - Sweden/Germany

In this film I try to express the fragile exploring steps into an unknown sexuality, and the fearsome agressive controling need to surpress it. Also there is a touch of sadism, the joyfull lust for blood.

Jonatan (b.1984, Sweden) has a background in Philosophy and started making films 2007, first Film titled "Pig Man gets a Visit". He has since made several short films and is currently filming his first Feature Film "Sven Harald's Adventures".

One Defining Dot - 5 min



Cameron George - US

One Defining Dot" is a 2016 Reel Stories film, created as part of Spy Hop’s Reel Stories program by student Cameron George.

Cameron is 17 years old, currently going to school in Provo, Utah. He has won several awards for this film, including 2nd place at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. Alexandria, the feature of this short documentary, is 19 and they are currently working on a career in astrology, while continuing to give a positive outlook on life. Twitter @baerwithmee Instagram @baerwithmee

Out of Town - 10 min



Leann Lei - US

Patrick, Rafael, and Tammy are each faced with life altering dilemmas and a road trip is the only solution.
With backpacks in tow, the three best friends decide to get away to clear their heads and have another one of their memorable camping trips together. A few mishaps take the trio by surprise before they even leave the city and things get dangerous when they mistakenly end up on the turf of a hardcore gang. All they wanted were answers from the open road but getting Out Of Town might not be as easy as they thought.

Raised in Seattle, Paris Dylan (no, that's not a stage name) always had a knack for performing. You could find him involved in theater, running events, and front-manning a successful rock band. He graduated from the University of Washington as a Dean's List recipient and with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication. He then worked and lived around the U.S. as a Self-Improvement Speaker alongside Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy and others for Motivational Seminars. Abandoning his six-figure salary to pursue his dream of acting, he had much success very quickly and began starring in TV Programs, Theater Productions, National Commercials, and Films within his first year of acting and the credits continued to grow.

Twitter @OutOfTownMOVIE Instagram @OutOfTownMOVIE

Overshadow 1 - 16 min



Lyla Rye - Canada

Inspired by the space-age design and utopian aspirations of the 1970's, Overshadow re-imagines a geodesic dome as a planet in a strange eclipse. The illusion created obscures this vision of the future with images of contemporary life shot by the artist's daughter. By simultaneously generating and exposing how the illusion is created, the video reflects on generations of human experience.

Lyla Rye works in video, installation and sculpture to explore our experience of space. For over 20 years her work has been exhibited in galleries and screenings internationally including New York, San Francisco, Adelaide, Auckland, Paris, and Berlin. She has exhibited at The Whitney Museum of American Art, The Power Plant and the Southern Alberta Art Gallery among others.

The Painted Mara - 14 min



Jody Vernon - US

When he and his muse fall in love, a crippled artist must abandon his most treasured creation or risk losing everything else.

Jody Vernon, formerly a criminal defense attorney, had assisted Khyentse Norbu on Bertolucci's LITTLE BUDDHA and was script assistant on Norbu's THE CUP, which played at Cannes and other major festivals. Wanting to make her own films, she attended Austin Filmworks in Austin, TX. Erwin Galan and Melinda Raebyne among Seattle's most talented and highly regarded actors.

Phantom Limbs - 3 min



Reed O'Beirne - US

A cameraless film created from animated MRI scans to evoke an enveloping world of light breaking upon the mind. Peering deep into our psychic home, Phantom Limbs engineers a link between inner space and the human spirit. Set to music by Seattle band, St. Kilda.

Reed is a graduate of the creative writing program at Vanderbilt University, and founder of Emerald Reels, an organization dedicated to supporting artistic filmmaking. His films have screened widely at film festivals and art events including the Ann Arbor Film Festival, the AVIFF Cannes Festival and the Oaxaca Film Festival. Instagram @reed4films

PhotoBomb - 5 min



Don Sniffin - US

During a visit with Grampa, Jeremy learns they share the family affliction, an inability to smile on camera. Jeremy, with a little help from Grama, is determined to elicit an award-winning smile.

Don is an award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker with an innate ability to tell a compelling and unique story. He has studied at the Colorado Film School, is a graduate of the Lighthouse Writer's Master Screenplay program, and Don has a B.S. Degree in Computer Science from the University of Wyoming. Don has written and directed narrative films, music videos, and documentaries.

Poppy - 11 min



Richard Platt - United Kingdom

When Poppy starts to see things out of the corner of her eye, the family dismiss her until a news report on the TV becomes shockingly real.

Richard is “an actor’s director with a visual, energetic and fluid narrative style, which is as much about character, performance and storytelling as it is rewardingly entertaining”. Having originally trained as an actor at the Bristol Old Vic theatre school, Richard is a former member of Sir Peter Halls Royal National Theatre Company. A winner of the First Film Foundation’s “New Directions” award, his television work has been nominated many times, including an RTS award for Casualty and the British Soap awards for Eastenders. Richard is currently in development at Shepperton studios on a British Independent feature film, as writer/director.

Portal: Origins [part 2] - 14 min



Michael McMullan - US

‘Portal: Origins’ is a live-action, fan-made crossover short film series combining the video game universes of ‘Portal’ (Valve) and ‘Dishonored’ (Bethesda/Arkane Studios). Following the story of Piero Joplin through a project entitled "The Door to Nowhere" and the creation of the first portal device, [part 2] continues the saga as Piero finds himself pulled into the dark history of Aperture Science.

Michael McMullan is a young, aspiring director and producer for both film and visual effects born and raised in the metro-Atlanta area. Working in the film industry since 2002, he founded the freelance and production company MSM Motion Pictures in 2007. He is hard working, creative, and loyal with a strong work ethic and dedicated to professionalism in the works he creates. Twitter @youngspielburg Instagram @youngspielburg

Purple Dreams - 2 min




A short animated film about the transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.

Murat Saygıner is a self-taught artist who works in the fields of photography and digital art, also known as a filmmaker and composer.

radio-head - 12 min



Davi Silveira - US

radio-head is the story of a man with depression who finds himself with a peculiar disorder that fills his life with the power of music.
Born in Brasil, Davi is a passionate Cinematographer who took on the challenge of directing his first short film based on an idea he had years ago.
Leo Roberts is an executive producer and casting director, known for Star Trek: Phoenix (2010), Judas Kiss (2010), and Divination (2010).
Luke Schuck is an actor and producer, known for Radio Head (2016), Decimation (2013) and M Is for Manny (2013).
Dolores received her bachelor’s in creative arts and theatre from San Jose State University and trained at the Villa Montalvo Center for the Performing Arts. Instagram @davizinho85

Rattle - 12 min



Laura Iancu - US

A game-like journey thought pixelated surfaces and baroque labyrinths.

The movement of sense-making in Rattle is a consequence of puzzling together all the hints of the world, the gestural intertextuality, the various signs, the perceptive and surface qualities of objects – that is the real play. The generative quality comes in when the normative expectations of something are at odds with the thing’s form.

Laura Iancu was born in Romania and raised by sheepherders. After a solid college education in Fine Arts she earned a double MFA In Photography and Cinematic Arts at the University of Iowa. She currently teaches film production classes at Syracuse University, Department of Transmedia. Twitter @THM_ Instagram @aka.squirrelboy

The Return - 7 min



Colin Andrews - Sweden, United Kingdom

The Return, references the penultimate scene in Tarkovsky’s ‘The Sacrifice’ and uses the form of the circle and the symbolism of fire, as agent of both destruction and renewal, beginning and ending, in an exploration of loss, return and the cyclical nature of time and history.

Born in Northern Ireland and now living and working in Scotland, Colin Andrews, is an artist working with lens media in numerous forms and contexts - from single channel video works for cinematic presentation or broadcast, to multi-channel gallery works, projections, interventions, public artworks and the integration of moving image into sculptural forms Instagram @colinandrewsart

S.C.A.N. - Searching Alternative Nature - 7 min



Dénes Ruzsa - Hungary

Our existence is a natural consequence of the existence of the stars, so we can suppose the idea that in our distant galaxies our distant relatives lives. Camera-less animation each frame was made or reproduced with a flatbed scanner.

Dénes Ruzsa and Fruzsina Spitzer working together since 2007.They have been making experimental short films and animations. Their films have screened at over two hundred film festivals and exhibitions worldwide in Europe and in Transatlantic Regions, amongst others, at Experiments in Cinema, Cologne OFF – International Videoart Festival Germany, Screengrab International Media Arts Award, International Video Art Festival Madrid, Museum of Fine Arts Budapest.

More than ten years they have been making films commissioned by artists, museums and art galleries. They also work as a photographer for books, catalogues and art magazines. From 2017 they are members of Hungarian Electrographic Art Association.

Sentence of the Mind - 21 min



Tim Carpenter - US

Stanley Wright is a prisoner in his own home. Fear and apprehension bar him from escaping. He realizes if he does not confront his dark side soon and break free, he may well be a prisoner forever.
Have you ever truly faced your dark side?

Tim Carpenter - Director/Videographer Tim, a Seattle Film School Grad has been involved with numerous Seattle local projects, this film being his Directorial debut.
Write/Producer - David L. Anderson Dave, a fan of the old classic in horror and sci-fi loves writing and producing local projects.
Main Lead - Jason Pead is a local Theater and film actor who also starred in award winning local feature, " Rogue Saints"

Shared Space - 3 min



Champ Ensminger - US

A film that explores the changing landscape (socially and physically) of Capitol Hill from the perspectives of artists of color, using volumetric data capture of dance and personal interviews.

Champ Ensminger is a Junior Editor at World Famous, a production company on Capitol Hill. Sarah Hogland and Fausto Rivera are both contemporary dance artists living and performing in the Seattle area., Twitter @champensminger Instagram @champensminger

The Sinner - Zac Greenberg - 3 min



Katherine Grace Murphy - US

Katherine Grace Murphy is a local Seattle writer, filmmaker and dancer who's been making films for four years including short films, dance films and web series which have shown at festivals across the country and in Vancouver. "The Sinner" will be the first of Katherine's work to have a local, Seattle showing.,      Twitter @cmfcreative , @curiousKGM Instagram @Cainan Martens, @curiousKGM

Songs of the Vine - 15 min



Maira Clancy, Blake Montgomery - Peru/US

Songs of the Vine' is a VR documentary about the healing modalities and medicine songs of the Shipibo, an indigenous group well-known for their tradition of plant-spirit shamanism, including a mastery of ayahuasca. Through immersion into the Amazon jungle, and exposure to the culture of Shipibo healers, the film illustrates an ancient but increasingly relevant dynamic between humans and nature.

Maira Clancy is a filmmaker, sound designer, artist, musician, and educator living in Oakland, CA. She is passionate about social justice, art education, music technology, and the environment, and feels most fulfilled when exploring where these realms intersect. Twitter @MairaClancy

Squee! The Fangirl Project - 11 min



Hansi Oppenheimer - US

This documentary web series explores the ups and downs of being a fangirl and celebrates fandom; its impact on identity development and effect on creativity and self expression.

Oppenheimer has worked in the Film/TV industry since the 90's. She created, wrote & produced the feature documentary "Color Me Obsessed; A Film about The Replacements"
Her current project, the independent web series Squee! explores the challenges facing female fans of pop culture and the ways in which fans are negotiating those challenges to find fulfillment, community and creative expression.

Twitter @troubledgirl Instagram @Squeefilmmaker

Sticks and Stones Trilogy: The Words Spoken, The Words on the Body, The Marks on the Wall - 43 min



Sienna Reid - Italy/US

~It's not about her. It's about what they did to her~

Sticks and Stones Trilogy is an artistic, visceral and emotional interpretation of the true story of American student Amanda Knox, who was imprisoned, wrongfully convicted and ultimately exonerated for the murder of her friend while studying abroad in a small town in Italy. The Words are a documentation of what Amanda Knox was called, that were culled from local and international news articles, police statements and court documents.

A student imprisoned for a crime she did not commit, fights to overcome character assassination and confinement, until her eventual exoneration and release from prison.

An American student is targeted and imprisoned by a prosecutor and the police of a small Italian town for a crime she did not commit. As the community and media join in spreading false narratives and lies about her, she fights to overcome the emotional and physical pain of her character assassination and confinement, until her eventual exoneration and release from prison.

Twitter @SiennaReidArt

Stretch - 4min



Stephan Larson - US

Stretch depicts a machine that is based on the design of surgical robots but further refined specifically to stretch things. The machine does not care what it is stretching as long as its purpose is fulfilled… it stretches.
Stephan Larson has been creating animations with computers since an Atari 400 computer showed up in his home. His work is influenced by biological growth, quantum physics, synesthesia, Abstract Expressionism and his work as a medical animator. His animations have been shown in over one hundred and fifty festivals throughout the world

Subculture - 8 min



Jason Kartalian - US

In SUBCULTURE, psychiatric session turns in a twisted direction. A woman, Ivy leads a man named Julius into a dungeon intent on quenching his every desire. Inside the dungeon, he meets some interesting people who are hell bent on impeding his quest for satisfaction. In the end, Julius finds himself in an existential crisis of his own making.

Jason Kartalian was was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, his mother was a jewelry craftsperson and his father was the actor Buck Kartalian. Jason graduated from the film program at CSUN. He has made films of many different genres however his style is singular. His feature SEAHORSES played STIFF three years ago. Twitter @jkartalian1 , @subculture

Sugarcane - The Miami Flu - 5 min



Diogo Vale - Portugal

Once upon a time in a faraway land
I was sitting down on a blue plain
Holding my pipe and my sugarcane

Diogo Vale was born in Vale de Cambra, a city located in the north of Portugal. In 2012 he moved to Lisbon to study Film Directing at Lisbon Theatre and Film School. His first short film was "Corpo Cego”, produced during the final semester of the Directing course and the film had its world premiere at "Curtas Vila do Conde International Film Festival”. “Sugarcane is his first work directing a music video and also his first experience using 3D digital technology. It was a proposed by the Portuguese psychedelic rock band “The Miami Flu” for their new single release. Instagram @___theorem

T is for Turnip - 3 min



Kiera Faber - US

3,467 hand painted 16mm frames metaphorically explore three siblings’ collective childhood trauma. Repetitive and ritualistic acts provide structure amongst perceived uncertainty while compartmentalization offers a false sense of security and abets forgetting.

Kiera Faber's films are crafted by hand and influenced by her background in studio arts and psychology. She designs all elements of her work, creating fanciful worlds that evince their hand made nature. Faber received her MFA from the Visual Studies Workshop after completing a BA in Psychology from the University of Rochester. She exhibits and screens her work internationally.

A Tale of Two Cities - 6 min



Nicholas Fernandez, Emily Fernandez - Viet Nam

One lone dancer moves effortlessly through time and space, taking the choreography of her life as she goes. Living through the memories of people, places and loves long past, she cannot help but continue on with the unrelenting rhythm of time. But what of the communities that once gathered where there is now rubble? Is there any memory left when the people who built and shared those memories are gone?

Emily Fernandez has been a dancer and choreographer in Germany for the last 20 years and Nicholas has been directing and producing films for almost 15 years. Emily began working with interactive media and movement over a decade ago, so the siblings had intended to work together on a dance film for many years. A Tale of Two Cities is their first collaboration, which they developed while Nicholas was living and working in Vietnam.

Tell me why you obsess me - 4 min



Naima Chebahi - France

The music video shows that we are all the sames in love (no matter if we are straight, gay, men, women, white, black) we are constanty fighting between the light and darkness on us. The music video was made with only 700 euros

Naima Chebahi is a screenwriter, director ans producer living in France. She wrote, directed and produced shorts films and music videos wich are selected in multiple international festivals and won multiple awards; for this music video she came with a concept, not much money and focus on the actor's play and on the message she wanted to deliver. Her next steps she hopes: a feature.

Tell Your Children - 15 min



Cornelia Duryee Moore, Wonder Russell, Emilie Rommel Shimkus, Chris M Roberson - US

A series of 4 short films based on poems. 3 live-action and 1 animated film use poetry and magical realism to tell intimate stories of women from myth and fairy tale. Goddesses, a sister of swans, and dancing princesses come to life, their tales rooted in legend and loss.

Emilie Rommel Shimkus is a PNW-native actress, vocalist, and published poet. Emilie works in film, commercials, stage productions, as a voice actor in video games, and plays Wren the Bard in the web-series JourneyQuest. Emilie wrote the 4 poems in TYC, directed 1 short, appeared in 2, and provided voice-over for the entire project.

Twitter @onefootonshore Instagram @onefootonshore

They Reach - 4 min



Sylas Dall - US

In the late 1970's, two men unearth a dark and mysterious cassette tape which they find to be possessed by an evil entity.

I've been passionate about film-making for a long time now, but just recently I've decided to give it a go and see what I can do with hitting the indie world up through festivals. It's defiantly a different experience but I'm looking forward to improving as time goes, can't wait to start this crazy adventure! Twitter @sylasdall Instagram @sylasdall

Touched - 3 min



Kevin Owyang - US

Asher tests the sword of revenge and finds a dual-edge.

Director Kevin Owyang is a Seattle-based Creative Director whose work is used by Amazon, Starbucks, and Microsoft.
Ian Allen and Tarran Vail are a Seattle-based father-son team of weapons-based martial artists. Both work as security and risk specialists. Twitter @bjibe




Roderick Coover - US

Toxi*City s a recombinatory narrative film (a.k.a. database narrative). The hybrid work follows six fictional characters whose lives have been transformed by sea-level change and flooding in an urban and industrialized region on America's North Atlantic Coast. Fictional testimonies are set against nonfictional accounts of actual deaths that occurred during Hurricane Sandy and other recent storms and floods.

Director and co-producer Roderick Coover is the creator or co-creator of works of digital, interactive and emergent cinema and digital arts such as Toxi•City, Hearts and Minds: The Interrogations Project, and The Theory of Time. He is also the maker of documentary films and interactive, documentary research projects such as The Unknown Territories Project, From Verite to Virtual: Conversations On The Frontiers Of Anthropology And Documentary Film, The Language of Wine: An Anthropology of Work Wine And The Senses and Cultures In Webs: Working In Hypermedia With The Documentary Image. He is a Professor of Film and Media Arts at Temple University.

Training Grounds - 12 min



Dave Goodman - US

An Olympia Washington police detective finds himself seated on a park bench alongside a beautiful female stranger who appears to know who he is. He soon discovers that his memory is gone, yet she has a mission for him to complete.

"Training Grounds" is David N Goodman's first outing as writer/director. He has been the Director of Photography for Northwest Film Asylum and technical director since 2013.




Aurèle Ferrier - Switzerland

TRANSITIONS is a journey from the civilizing void of the desert to a maximal urban, capitalistic and hedonistic density, which in the case of Las Vegas assumes some bizarre expression. The film is a contemplation without any people or moving machines in it, focussing on the built and designed. The narration is fragmentary and works with calm frontal, raw tracking shots. TRANSITIONS is also a narrative of "city-becoming".

Aurèle Ferrier (*1975 in St.Gallen, CH) lives in Zurich. With his video and cinematic works, actions and interventions he explores the limits and connections between nature and civilization. „His video works display a calm contemplation and visual precision" (Alexandra Blättler, curator). He has exhibited on all the continents and won prizes, i.a. the Grand Jury Award for Experimental Short at the Slamdance Film Festival. He attained a BA in Theatre and an MA in Fine Arts at Zurich University of the Arts.

Treasure - 90 min



Chris Williamson - US

Still reeling from the loss of her mother to cancer, Erica goes too far with the drinking and pills. Erica is forced to do community service at a soup kitchen and hates working there. But a new friendship based on a love for geocaching leads Erica to question her old attitudes towards the meaning of life.

Chris has directed two feature-length documentaries. He also has short films to his credit and has crewed on over a dozen feature films. He received his Master’s degree in Film from the University of Central Florida. Treasure is his third feature film and his first narrative. He currently teaches editing and documentary production at The Los Angeles Film School. Twitter @treasurefilm

Try A Little Tenderness-Alice Tan Ridley - 4 min



Roy Wol - US

2016 was a rough year. From over 1000 terrorist attacks to civilian and police killings; from planet dividing presidential elections to misplaced communities and children left without parents in war zones - A backward globalization seems to be taking place. “Try a Little Tenderness” hopes to promote positivity, compassion and tenderness. As music brings people together, we hope “Try a little Tenderness” will too.

2017 IFP Narrative Lab fellow, Israeli/Argentine national Roy Wol, is a filmmaker whose films focus on Jewish values, minority subjects, family, immigrating and counter culture dramas. He's recently produced Academy Nominee Milcho Manchevsky's "BIKINI MOON" and "The Garden Left Behind" starring Michael Madsen and Ed Asner. "Try A Little Tenderness" is Roy Wol's directing debut. Twitter @alicetridley Instagram @alicetanridley

Tupianas - 6 min



Marcos Bonisson, Khalil Charif - Brazil

Super 8 filmed in Brazil during the 70’s. It’s a reflection about the idea of Tupi, by elaborating a non-linear narrative with a collage of “antropofagic images”, presenting the body and space as topology of desires, experimenting the choice in life, and language of the essential, instead of the accessory.

Marcos Bonisson is an artist with a Master degree in Science of Art (UFF). He lives and works in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Participated in the 27th Biennial of São Paulo in 2006. His most recent solo exhibitions were at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro in 2013 and the Maison Européenne de la Photographie (MEP-Paris) in 2015.
Khalil Charif (b. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), artist, lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. He has a post-graduate degree in Art History and has participated in several exhibitions and festivals, including: "XIX Bienal de Cerveira", Portugal, 2017. "Dublin Biennial", Ireland, 2014. "Triennale of Contemporary Art", Czech Rep., 2008.,

Tzina: symphony of longing - 17 min



Shirin Anlen - Israel

A poetic, interactive webVR documentary in which the residents of the run-down Dizengoff Square in Tel Aviv muse on love and things that are no more. Tzina invites you to physically explore the virtual square, combining elements of fantasy, while experiencing the square in different times of the day.

Shirin Anlen (1985) is an Interactive creator working at the intersection of technology and exploratory arts. . Her focus is on the development of interactive and experimental documentary. Her work has exhibited internationally including IDFA DocLab, House of Electronic Basel, Museum of Moscow and Festival de Cannes.
The project was developed together with: Avner Peled, Ziv Schneider, Or Fleisher, Laura Chen, Udi Ben-Arie Twitter @shirinmedia

An Undocumented Salvation - 27 min



Adam Vincent Wright - US

An Undocumented Salvation is about a family of immigrants; Jario, a “dreamer,” who has succumbed to gang life, his mother who’s deathly afraid of deportation, and his college-bound, American-born sister.

Adam Vincent Wright is an up-and-coming, award-winning writer/director originally from rural Western Pennsylvania. He holds a Master’s Degree from Emerson College and his storytelling is aimed at helping “middle America” better understand the plight of minorities. An Undocumented Salvation is Adam’s first short film. His second short film, Timmy Slays the Talent Show, is currently in production.

Until The Well Is Dry - 3 min



Collin J Neal - US

1930's Dustbowl setting. It is after closing time in Kell's Irish Pub. Chairs are up on tables a MAN wipes a layer of visible dust of the counter. A WOMAN enters she stands in the front doorway with light behind her, she wears a worn cotton dress and carries a battered suitcase ready to leave this world behind.

Collin Joseph Neal was born in Pendleton, Oregon on July 5th 1985. Born into the farm life he had a lot of changes coming along the way with moving from city to city until finally settling in Spokane, Washington for his years growing up. After High School moved to Seattle, WA went to Seattle Film Institute. Started Faith vs Fate Productions with wife Erin Neal. With years experience bringing the 1980’s era of cinema back to life with adventure, love, action, suspense, comedy and drive with incredible cast and crew teams. Twitter @enwrites Instagram @erinnealwrites

UsThemThemUs - 4 min



Nicole Rayburn - Canada

UsThemThemUs is comprised of statements extracted from sci-fi cinema in which characters attempt to articulate a boundary between humans and non-humans. These declarations of difference desperately seek to establish delineations between human and machine and animal, yet often resort to nebulous-to-define traits such as emotion, belief, or the soul.

My practice is a blundering convergence of text, video, and still imagery. Often via appropriation and obsessive repetition, my work addresses ideas around ‘the other’, human/non-human relations, and concepts of boundary and transgression through the lens of history, religion, and popular culture.

Uterus Chat - 10 min



Ted Satterfield - US

Kristy and Justin, new in their couplehood, sit down for a romantic dinner and unexpectedly wind up professing their love for one another. After this, Kristy has to reveal an awkward detail about her life, complete with flashbacks from old boyfriends. The couple's conversation and Kristy's memories reveal moments of sadly funny commentary and wild indignation on feminism and the struggle of reproductive pressures on women (and men).

Director: Ted Satterfield won best short screenplay at deadCENTER Film Festival in 2012 and later directed, “The Lightning Round,” which won best comedy short at the Austin Revolution Film Festival. Uterus Chat is his second film.
Writer: Melanie Wilderman, a professor of journalism in Oklahoma, won best short screenplay at deadCENTER Film Festival in 2013 with Uterus Chat.



A warehouse rave makes a colorful snack for a coven of hungry vampires in this immersive 360 short.

Maggie F. Levin (Writer/Director) is a screenwriter & director with rock n’ roll roots. Creator: CHICKS WHO SCRIPT (Podcast), ROCKY HORROR HIPSTER SHOW (Live); Director: FRIENDLESS FIVE (Fullscreen), FAE (YouTube/Anna Akana), MISS 2059 Season 2 (New Form Digital/Go90). Directing Finalist: TWILIGHT: NEW VOICES (Lionsgate).

Victory - 3 min



Khalil Charif - Brazil/France

Regarding how do we relate to the artwork these days, "Victory" is an experimental work that has the exhibition environment of the sculpture "Victoire de Samothrace" in the Louvre Museum (Paris) as conductive element, presenting images in sequence plan and direct sound

Khalil Charif (b. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), artist, lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. He has a post-graduate degree in Art History and has participated in several exhibitions and festivals, including: "XIX Bienal de Cerveira", Portugal, 2017. "Dublin Biennial", Ireland, 2014. "Triennale of Contemporary Art", Czech Rep., 2008.

Voices of a Fugue - 5 min



Ted Allen - 5 min

Inspired by Bach’s Fugue in G minor, BWV 578 - this experimental music video explores the parts and the whole in an abstract 360 VR experience. This music video also demonstrates motivated 360 audience 'guidance' as well as seamless transitions between environments.

Theodore Allen is an award winning filmmaker based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has worked for the past ten years as a cinematographer, editor, and director on projects all around the world. He loves both the creative and technical aspects of his work and strives to use his skills to push the envelope of independent filmmaking. Twitter @polarproduction Instagram @Polar_productions

Voluntary Caesura - 14 min



Christin Call - US

A woman isolated by her struggle with depression meets with a musician for practice in the studio. Through the music of two Late Romantic composers who succumbed to suicide they find a channel for their experiences and for a mysterious woman from another time to appear. The woman’s troubled past provides a catalyst for the potential to create real connection in the present.

Christin Call is an artist making work at the intersection of many art forms. She lives and works in Seattle, where she is Co-founder and Co-artistic Director of Coriolis Dance. Instagram @stratostricture, @coriolisdance

Walk With Me - 28 min



Margaret Eaton - US

Walk With Me is about a church run by and for prisoners, exprisoners and people who want to be in solidarity with them. It opens with an elder, an exprisoner, driving to a prison to greet a fellow church member getting out after 24 years inside. We see people with radically different life experiences come together to form a community.

SOLOTAROFF: A native New Yorker, Isaac lives and works in Manhattan. Recent credits include Kings of the Underground for VICE Media and the Emmy-nominated Casualties of the Gridiron for GQ and Condé Nast ENTERTAINMENT. Additional producing and directing credits include Wham! Bam! Islam!, Ballplayer: Pelotero and Visioning Tibet.

Wall of Complacency - 21 min



Abigail Hagan - US

“Wall of Complacency” is a partially-animated short documentary film that tells the personal stories of several immigrants and refugees in Houston, Texas. These communities face unique challenges, including accessibility to healthcare and education, language barriers, culture shock, and hateful political rhetoric. “Wall of Complacency” explores what the greater community of Houston is doing to contest these challenges.

Abigail Hagan is an editor, documentary filmmaker, and photographer located in Seattle, Washington. She is a graduate of the Honors College at the University of Houston. Her films and photographs focus on social justice, dance, food accessibility, travel, homelessness, immigration, and poverty. She is currently employed as a story editor and associate producer at What’s Next Media, Inc.

War or Peace - 4 min



Kayvan Sarvari - Iran, Islamic Republic of

what is influence of war in family

Wasteland Legends - 7 min



Collin J Neal - US

With fire, gasoline, desert and just a little green we could light this world on fire and mix together many worlds into one experience where fans will be gripping the wheel wanting more.

Collin Joseph Neal was born in Pendleton, Oregon on July 5th 1985. Born into the farm life he had a lot of changes coming along the way with moving from city to city until finally settling in Spokane, Washington for his years growing up. After High School moved to Seattle, WA went to Seattle Film Institute. Started Faith vs Fate Productions with wife Erin Neal. With years experience bringing the 1980’s era of cinema back to life with adventure, love, action, suspense, comedy and drive with incredible cast and crew teams., Twitter @ENwrites ‏ Instagram @ENwrites ‏

The Westbury Faery



Jamie Houge - Australia, Canada

The Westbury Faery is an original immersive story and experimental multiplatform experience that harnesses the power of online audiences through film combined with Augmented Reality-driven game-play. An Alternate Reality Game (ARG) spanning many platforms, World Faery Society leads investigators through an elaborate online adventure to solve their greatest mystery: who is the Westbury Faery? See the viral sighting for yourself…

The Westbury Faery is a co-production by Melbourne-based digital & film production company, Plot Media, and Log Cabin Productions from Toronto, Canada. The project was awarded production funding through the Canada-Australia Interactive Digital Media Incentive—a Canada Media Fund and Screen Australia initiative. It was also supported by Film Victoria and technology partners Aurasma and Stackla. Twitter @plotmedia @worldfaerysoc Instagram @worldfaerysociety

What Do You Want - 10 min



Tony Tibbetts - US

"What Do You Want" is a story of a man defiantly content with his own inertia until he meets his 18 year old daughter for the first time.

Tony Tibbetts was born and raised in West Seattle. He simultaneously loves and hates wearing many film hats (writer/producer/director/ cinematographer/editor/punching bag). He started making films with his neighborhood friends at the age of 13. After Film School in his early 20's he has since been making films with a modicum of increasing proficiency. Attempting (sometimes successfully) to master film making for limited resources because... well, his resources have always been limited. Instagram @tx2pictures

When the Butterfly Dreams - 20 min



Kat Goh - Singapore

Locked in a coma after a traffic accident, the only thing that would apparently wake Vanessa, is a call from her dead boyfriend. Inspired by Chuang Tzu’s poem that questions what reality is, “When The Butterfly Dreams” questions if life is really just a dream state, or that dreams are really life times.

irector KAT GOH, has produced many of Singapore's box office horror films like "The Maid" (2005), "Rule No. 1" (2008), "Faith of Anna Waters" (2016).

>> Actress YEO YANN YANN, a veteran in the Singapore entertainment industry including a Golden Horse Award for Best Supporting Actress in the 2013 Cannes Camera d'Or winning ILO ILO.

Wild Roses - 7 min



dQniel Kaufman - US

A woman in search of a runaway child gets stuck in a drainage pipe. While she waits for help, her father texts her about horror stories he told her as a child.

dQniel Kaufman is a no-budget filmmaker that has made a webseries, several short films and participated in several 48 Hour festivals. His webseries, House of Glass, was featured previously at STIFF. Twitter @pulledprok

Wise Medicine - 36 min



Deborah Libby - Peru/US

At an isolated camp in the Peruvian jungle, students undergo an intense initiation in the traditional practice of plant medicine shamanism. In Chicago, a woman has returned from the Amazon to integrate the teachings in her urban healing studio.

Director Deborah Libby’s film work centers on the revival and evolution of ancient healing practices as catalysts for consciousness expansion. Deborah received her MFA in Documentary Media from Northwestern University, and currently shoots and edits documentary projects from her home in Chicago. Twitter @Deb_Filmmaker

A Wish for Mr. Whiskers - 6 min



Henry Honig - US

A girl gets more than she bargains for when her wish for her cat's constant companionship comes true.

A wish for Mr. Whiskers is directed by Henry Honig, a Seattle area native and local media producer. Director of Photography - Eddie Sams. And written by Chris Kirkmont, Ian Schulke & Henry Honig. Mr. Whiskers is played by Ian Schuelke, a Seattle area sketch comedy writer and actor. And our young female lead is played by the talented Melody Marquez. or

Woman on Fire - 84 min



Julie Sokolow - US

This portrait of courage under fire celebrates NYC’s first openly transgender firefighter. For Brooke Guinan, fighting fires runs in her blood – both her father and grandfather served in the FDNY. But as a transgender woman, her path to service has not been without obstacles. Transitioning from male to female in what is still an overwhelmingly macho profession proves a challenge for her coworkers and her family, while her boyfriend reckons with the impact of Brooke’s newly public profile on his parents.

Julie Sokolow’s films have appeared at the New York Times, TIME, and Huffington Post. She is the creator of the Healthy Artists documentary series, which profiles over forty uninsured artists who struggle to afford health care. Her feature film directorial debut Aspie Seeks Love won Best Documentary at the 2015 Cinequest Film Festival and gained acclaim in Vice, Filmmaker Magazine, and Salon. She is also a musician whose work has been praised by Pitchfork, Wire, and the Wasington Post. Woman on Fire is her second feature film

Twitter @womanonfiredoc Instagram @julie.sokolow

You Need to Know This 2 min



Nicole Rayburn - Canada

The reconfiguration of appropriated erotic mutoscope footage from c. 1900, which originally presents the moving images from the vantage point of a peeping tom man, disrupts the viewing expectation and reclaims a voice in representation by subverting the expected relationship, censoring viewer access, and regaining individual privacy.

My practice is a blundering convergence of text, video, and still imagery. Often via appropriation and obsessive repetition, my work addresses ideas around ‘the other’, human/non-human relations, and concepts of boundary and transgression through the lens of history, religion, and popular culture.

Your father was born a 100 years old and so was the Nakba - 7 min



Raz AlSalah - Lebanon

My only access to my grandmother’s land is Google maps street view. Sometimes I wonder how grandma
would’ve reacted if I would’ve shown her 7aifa on Street View, which is today the only way I
can see Palestine.

Razan AlSalah is a Lebanese-Palestinian media artist and cinematographer living and working between Beirut, Philadelphia and New York. She approaches cinematography with a media artist’s critical eye and media art with the technical deconstruction of image, time and movement. She formally aligns body, image, object/place particularly using visual perspective to create a sensorial connection between different times, places and scales. Her work has been exhibited in Beirut, Dubai, Philadelphia and New York. She is a Fulbright scholar and MFA candidate at Temple University. Instagram @hi_raz

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