2018 Seattle Transmedia & Independent Film Festival Winners Announced

By TimV, July 29, 2018


The Seattle Transmedia & Independent Film Festival (STIFF) announced its 2018 festival winners at Factory Luxe in Seattle's historic Old Rainier Brewery today. The four-day festival enjoyed record-setting attendence while highlighting a diverse selection of screenings in the main theater and innovative productions in the Transmedia Gallery.

STIFF is commited to discovering emerging filmmakers and transmedia innovators. The festival is proud to give the following winners a Seattle platform to help spread their vision to audiences worldwide.

STIFF 2018 Award Winners

Audience Award

Winner- NanoZ Direced by Alex Stout

Runner up- This is Me Directed by Melinda Raebyne

Runner up- The Listener Directed by Justin Wood


Best Narrative Feature

Winner- Two Pictures Directed by Eric Stone

Runner up- An American in Texas Directed by Anthony Pedone

Runner up- NanoZ


Best Documentary Feature

Winner- Trenches of Rock Directed by Paul Michael Bloodgood

Runner up- My People are Rising Directed by Rafael Flores

Runner up- The Court Martial of Apache Kid Directed by Victoria Sutton


Best Documentary Short

Winner- That's Why I Like It Directed by Sydney Southam

Runner up- In Between Directed by Adriana Guiman

Runner up- T(HE)Y Directed by Caroline Callender & Silver Liftin


Best Narrative Short

Winner- Last Night of Normal Directed by Katanya Warwick

Runner Up- Bad Bet Directed by Elliott Lytle & Chris Tucker

Runer up- I Thought You'd Be Gone Directed by Ryan Clausen


Transmedia Award

Winner- The Book of True Feelings Directed by Jason Ahlquist

Runner up- A Yosemite Welcome… Directed by Kevin Pontuti

Tajen: Interactive Directed by Robert Lemelson and Briana Young


Best Music Video

Winner- Tobias the Owl- Broadest Akimbo Directed by Jason Farris

Runner up- White Jeans Directed by GH Ridpath & Noah Ferche

Runner up- Diva Mom Song Directed by Archita Mandal Fallini


Cartoons & Bloody Marys Festival of Animation Award

Winner- Book Return Directed by Jamie Gower

Runner up- Death Van Directed by Michael Enzbrunner

Runner up- Substratae Directed by Margie Kelk


Indepenetration Award

Winner- (in here) I Am God Directed by Joseph Seuferling

Runner up- Consenting Adults Directed by Alice Gruia

Runner up- Off Track Directed by Henry Darrow McComas


Best Dance Film

Winner- Ajo Ijo 2nd Installment: Unconsious Womb Directed by Kiana Harris

Runner up- Dead Oasis Directed by Katherine Grace Murphy

Runner up- It Happened Directed by Tumi Johnson


Best Student Film

Rage Directed by Myles Ross

Runner up- Budding Directed by Shay Scholes

Beth’s Directed by Marcus Lindenburg









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